Hi, My Name is Alex Bemis, and this is my life. I'm 16, Blonde hair blue eyes. My mum died in a car crash back when I was 9. I'm always getting abused from my stepdad since then. I couldn't bare see a happy future so I turned to self-harm, till I met Luke. He helped me get threw my pain. So here is my story...


23. Piece Of Paper

Luke's POV:

Me, Calum, Ashton, Michael, and Mercedes where waiting in the living room for the rest of the girls. I got out my phone and checked the time 9:00 pm. I started talking to Michael about a new song when I heard someone coming downstairs. I looked over to see who it was. It was Jenna, we all got up and went towards the stairs.

"Are you ready to see are transformation on Alex?" Jenna asked

"Yeah" we all said

"OK RYAN YOU COULD BRING HER DOWN NOW!" Jenna yelled upstairs. Then came out Ryan holding up a blanket in front of Alex. Right before the first step they stopped.

"Countdown from 3" Ryan said

"3...2...1!" We all yelled. When we got to one Ryan moved the blanket to reveal Alex.

"Wow" I gasped. She looked... Amazing. She looked so perfect. She looked like a model. Her strapless dress hugged her boobs and butt perfectly. Now I wish she wasn't going anywhere and everybody was gone so I could have her to myself. I'm proud to call her my girlfriend.

"So what do you think?" Alex said in her perfect accent.

"You look amazing" I replied. She came down the rest of the stairs and kissed me. I kissed back and then got interrupted by Mercedes.

"We should go now" she said

"Yeah, we should go before it's gets later" Ryan said

"It's kind of chilly out, do you have a coat I could borrow?" Alex asked me

"Yeah it's the Aeropostale hoodie on the rack" I said pointing to it

"Ok thanks I love you" Alex said and kissed me again and went to get the coat off the rack and was out the door with Mercedes, Jenna, and Ryan. Us guys decided to wait 30 mins till we go and get Alex presents.

~Later at the club~

Alex's POV:

When we got to the parking lot of the club Ryan was telling us about when Michael first coloured his hair and didn't know what colour to pick. It's was funny. When we got out we just laughed and went to the club door.

"ID's please?" The big guy in black asked us. We all got put are ID's and showed them to him and then let us in. Oh yeah the girls made me a fake ID so I could get in. The music was blasting and the strong smell of all of the alcohol came rushing to my face.

"Ok, let's dance!" Mercedes yelled at all of us. We all cheered and went to the dance floor. Right when we got on the dance floor my favourite DJ song came on, it was Wizard by Martin Garrix & Jay Hardway. We all started jumping up and down and laughing are heads off of how bad we are at dancing.

~2 hours later~

I was getting to tired of dancing so I decided to get a drink.

"Hey! I'm going to get a drink!" I yelled at the girls. When they said ok I went towards the bar. When I got there I sat down on one of the stools.

"What could I get yeah?" Said the male bartender he looked about 20ish.

"Um can I get a Tequila sunrise please" I replied to him.

"Ok it'll be done in minute" he said and smiled at me, politely smiled back. Just what he said he came back a minute later with my drink.

"That will be £3" he said

"I went in my (Luke's) coat pocket to get the money. I grabbed the money but that wasn't all I pulled out. I also pulled out a tiny piece of paper. I gave the guy the money then went back to what I found. I opened up the tiny piece of paper and saw it had a number on it and a note

"Hey lukey, I love you! Text me, if you need ANYTHING! Xx- your boo Sky!"

I was shocked and pissed. He's cheating on me. Great. Just perfect. I grabbed my drink and chugged it down.

"Excuse?" I called out for the bartender.

"Can I help you?" He came and I looked at his name tag 'Matt' it was

"Yeah can I have a regular tequila?" I asked kind of pissed now. He then went and got me my drink. I probably had 5 shots now.

"Um how much is a hole bottle?" I asked

"Ermm £20" Matt replied.

"I'll take it" I said and laid the money on the counter. He came back with the bottle and a glass. He then pored some in the glass and slides it to me. I knew tonight I'm gonna get drunk and don't care what happens.

I started to feel tipsy and I looked over and nobody was at the bar they where all dancing except for me. Matt came over to me and we started talking. He threw a couple of winks at me, but I didn't really care. I kept drinking and started to lose my train of thought

"So, do you wanna get away from all this loud music?" Max asked

"Sure" I replied, we both smiled and he took my hand and walked me to the back door and we left. I wasn't really thinking about the girls still inside. I got in his car and left to his place.

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