Hi, My Name is Alex Bemis, and this is my life. I'm 16, Blonde hair blue eyes. My mum died in a car crash back when I was 9. I'm always getting abused from my stepdad since then. I couldn't bare see a happy future so I turned to self-harm, till I met Luke. He helped me get threw my pain. So here is my story...


15. Funny Bunny (SEXUAL SCENE)


Alex's POV:

There was only 5 mins of the movie left. The TV was placed in the corner we both had to lay on one side to see it. Luke was behind me and he started to spoon me. He got so close, what I was hoping for, a boner. Another perfect time to tease him. I moved in closer to him and started to grind on him. I heard a quiet moan. He started to put his hand on my ass again and squeezed it.

"I want you so bad"

"You don't want me, you NEED me" I said. I then got up.

"I'm going to the bathroom" I just left, not letting Luke have the time to say anything. I went to the bathroom just doing nothing I waited 4 minutes then got out of the bathroom. I went back to Luke's room. I opened the door and didn't see Luke on the bed.

I walked one foot into his room then I heard the door behind me slam and was instantly attacked by Luke. He pushed me onto the bed laying on me. His eyes where dark blue again.

"NO MORE FUCKING TEASING ME!" He yelled under his breathe. I loved it. I was hoping for this.

"I am done" I whispered. He then attacked me with kissing my neck. Leaving hickeys. He then started to take off my top. Sucking lower and lower. His lips where cold as ice. Sending me shivers and making me moan. He started to pull down my pants. I already took off my underwear before I got into my pj's.

"Your so bad" he said.

Luke's POV:

I need her so bad. I pulled off my shirt real fast then started kissing her again. She started to fiddle with my pants and so I helped her. The memory came rushing in real fast about Alex. I didn't want to rush things.

"Are you ready?"


"are you really sure?"

"I'm really sure"

I grabbed a condom and put it on. All the rest is personal.

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