The Outcasts

The life of someone who wishes to be anyone but themselves.


2. Break Down

You know when you find a book that completely describes your emotions? The problem may be nothing like you're experiencing, but you have this deep connection with this fictional character. I guess that's how I feel with Hazel, or Charlie. If you can figure out who these characters are, kudos to you. Society really is full of inconsiderate bitches (excuse my French). People go through cancer, starvation, poverty, and yet some people make a bigger deal out of power loss, a broken phone, etc. The worst part about it is they expect you to feel some kind of empathy for them. Those with real pain don't want sympathy, they don't want people to feel bad for them, because what good will that do for them. Have you ever read a certain book so relatable and amazing, that you develope this deep connection to the book. The connection is so deep that you refuse to share the book with anyone else. Afraid that they will find a connection even deeper than yours. The reason society annoys me, is because people with shallow conceited fears and problems can find a connection almost as deep as someone who goes through fear for those around them. 


        I entered the school building, still thinking about the old lady. For some reason her words meant something to me, and I couldn't even figure out why. I wanted to know what she meant by "he" or was it "He", I really had no clue. I tried to push the memory out of my head, but it kept coming back. Finally, I resorted to pretending it never happened. 

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