Chey Chey Land

Cheyanne Segura (REAL) is getting sick of Liam Payne falling for her so she suicides.


1. The love

Dedicated to one of friends: Cheyanne

Sorry you waited so long.. and stealing my body hat... lol.. even tho i wakked youin the eye w/ it.

Cheyanne's POV

"Hey babe I bought you flowers for Valentine's day!" I turned around and saw the fucking weirdo, Liam.

"Go away you fucking weirdo!" I used my jujitsu on him then realized I didn't know jujitsu and so I fell, Liam helped me up. When I went home I started crying. I saw my chain belt and hung myself

Liam's POV

I ran into Chey's house.

"CHEY BABE CHEY!" I banged on the door, it was her brother.

"She's at the hospitol." He said. I ran to th e hospital. I saw her being carried away.

"CHEY!" I cried.

"Liaam." She said weakly."I'm gonna die."

"Wait, before you go, I wanna ask you something?" I asked, she nodded."Can I have your debit card password?" Then she closed her eyes, I cried so loud.


I went down on my knees.

"NOW I'LL NEVER KNOW THE PASSWORD!" I kissed her on the forhead and ran away..


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