Blood thirsty

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Love this I'm making more of the blood thirsty sires


2. the great return

Izzy finally got me to the pool,but as soon as I saw it I remembered James and how he struggled to get out of the sea weed. "Amanda!"every one yelled as I went out. Every one got out the pool and hugged me. We were worried about you Amanda. " guys should go home now." "Why" asked Anna. Night fall was coming and every one went home, but not izzy. Izzy stayed as if she was def. "IZZY!" I yelled but didn't hear me. "Izzy are you ok?" I was worried so I looked behind me and saw James. I yelled in joy, and mamma ran out and saw to. She teared. "James your back " mamma said. I said " but it makes no sense I saw his face go blank!" "It was 5years ago !" Then I saw it he was a ghost and I didn't like it. He gave me a look. As if he was trying to mimic me.

James was back and I couldn't

stop it. At dinner James didn't eat. Mamma he's not James. Yes he is now shut it or you get whipped. Oh and I forgot to mention I'm a vampire so yeah. James sat there like a fat chipmunk. So James what's up? "Nothing," he said. "What are you doing?"he asked. "Nothing," I said.

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