Blood thirsty

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Love this I'm making more of the blood thirsty sires


5. mamma finds out

Mamma also asked "why do you have blood on your moth?" James smiled and said,"yeah sis why do you have blood on your mouth?" I said,"izzy's brother punched me in the mouth. As soon as I said that my phone went off it was izzy. I said," My mom wants to talk to you and she will ask why did you brother punch Amanda?so say they got in a fight.ok." Izzy said," ok." Here mamma it's izzy. She said ok hive me the phone. "Why did Charles punch Amanda?"she asked. Izzy said,"they got in a fight." Mamma said,"can I speak to Charles?" " Charles is not home right now ok?!" "Ok?!"mamma said. Well call us back ok? Izzy said,"ok,bye."and hung up. I'm going upstairs to get dressed so if you need me give me a call.

James friends were gone when I got outside. Now I can leave I said with a sigh. Mamma setup new cameras around the house. That when it all started. I need to find a way to get out the house. My eyes turning red and my fangs coming out the camera caught it all and mamma saw it all. Mamma ran in my room and saw me. She said l with surprise,"w-w-what are those?!" Fangs mamma fangs. She again fainted. And I herd James so I flew out my window. He said,"drat she got away!" I feed again. Like last time.

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