Blood thirsty

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Love this I'm making more of the blood thirsty sires


4. James and his after-life friends

In bed mamma thought she herd James so she told him to come in my room. Well it turns out James multiplied. He invited his after life friends in to our wold. So I ran but they caught me. "Where do you think your going princess?"askedJames. I said "to my friends." "Really,to your friends house," said James. I said "yes so leave me alone." "Ok ok,I'll let you go," said James. "Boys let her go." So I ran again and into the forest. I hung upside down. You know a vampire thing. There I slept. Dawn was here and I formed back to human Amanda. I didn't run as fast anymore. But I saw the mansion and James friends surrounded it. There was no way of getting in. "Unless," I thought to my self. I yelled,"hey you guys you got me all wrong see no fangs and I'm not burning in the sun!" They said "you shall pass."

I went in the house and there saw James and mamma. James again not eating and I didn't want to eat after the feast last night. Mamma asked where I went. I said,"izzy's house." She was ok with that.

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