Blood thirsty

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Love this I'm making more of the blood thirsty sires


3. feast at night

At night when mamma was asleep I went to the woods behind the mansion and feed. But not this time James caught me and said in his ghostly voice" where are you going my darling sister." "Nowhere" I said trying to keep my mouth shut. He said "what are those long fang like teeth?" "They're nothing,"I said.

Pushing him he fell through the floor and he screamed. Mamma ran to us but no James. She asked," honey where is James?" I said,"he fell through the floor"trying to hide my fangs. Ha," mamma said. James flew up through the floor. Mamma with her mouth open fainted and I ran as fast as I can going about 123mph. In the woods I met my vampire friends and we fed. Day break was coming fast. I had to go fast. At about 2:00 I got back but I saw James at the door. I had to fly. I jade no choice, so I flew over the house and into my widow, in my room, and in my bed. Now James light foot steps came and he saw me in bed. He said to himself ," how did she get pass me!"

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