Blood thirsty

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Love this I'm making more of the blood thirsty sires


6. blood runs cold

I got home that morning and blood was everywhere. I had a black eye,nose bleed, and bruises all over me and possibly a broken bone. Mamma saw this and immediately to me to the hospital. Where I stayed for a week. Test run over and over and over cast on my leg, wrist, and my ribs. Finally I got out ripped off my cast because vampires heal fast. Seeing my friends murdered was tragic. And James was sitting in a tree. "Well well well if it isn't little vampire princess." Did you do this James. "Yes." I jumped and pulled him down by his host foot. You little monster! Vampires can touch ghost if you were wondering.

I punched him so many times he fell to the ground lifelessly. Finally he was gone no more James was what I thought. The he hit me in the back of the head and I passed out. Finally I woke up in the hospital again. My head wrapped my vision was blurry and it hurt to sit up. All my human friends saw me and were there. My vision finally came back and I went home and hung upside down mamma saw this and knew I was a vampire. She started to cry. My blood went cold and I fell and it didn't hurt. I finally went in the pool and I didn't know how to swim and I got out gasping for air.

Want more? Part two

is coming

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