Dear Diary

Dear Diary,
There's just something about him. It's not good. I don't know if I can trust him. He's a player! Justin fucking Bieber likes me. And he's a player. Ughh, I'm just afraid to get hurt. I don't want to go down that road...


2. September 21st, 2013 (About Yesterday)

  I wake soar, from yesterday's cheerleading practice, Saturday morning to my mom hovering above me. She is shaking me awake.

  "I'm up, I'm up."

  "Get dressed were going to the keys." She speaks softly but I can sense the excitement in her voice.

  "The what- are you serious?"

  "Yes... come on. Get up. Get dressed in your bathing suit and take a towel with you." She whispers and places a kiss on my forehead. Then she leaves me to get dressed.

  I groan as I stretch across to my nightstand to see what time it is. 8:06 am. Wow, it's early. Then again, the Keys are like 4 hours away from here. As I mentally count how many hours of sleep I got, I notice I have a kik message. I scroll down the notification bar. Oh, joy. Surprise surprise, it's Justin.

Goodnight beautiful, sweet dreams :*

  Oh, he must have texted back last night after I said I was going to bed. I sigh and put my phone back down, not opening the conversation. He would see that I read it.

  I get up and walk over to my dresser. I look in the mirror and scowl at my bad case of bed head. I brush my hair, put it into a regular side braid, and then open my drawer of my bathing suits, deciding which one I should wear. Then, I start to zone out, recalling how it all happened.


    Oh, it's a text from Vanessa. We exchanged our kik's today.


What's up

Really bored, hbu?

Same, but today was so fun (laughing emoji)

    I remember today at the end of the day, 1st period Pre-Algebra, all of us talking in a group about pick-up lines.

Haha, yeah it was hilarious. Talking about that,

I found the Instagram account with a bunch of

them that I was talking about. Put Justin and

Ryan in the group chat.

Lol, okay. But first I need to tell you


Yeah sure, what is it?

I'll tell you, but you can't tell Justin that I told you.

Yeah yeah, of course. I won't.

Justin likes you...

Okay... I care why? I'm telling you right now, I

would never date him. I would never do that to

you. I'm not that type of person.



Lol, no problem. I don't like him anyways.

Whatever, go put them in a group chat.

Oh, Ryan doesn't have a kik but I'll put Justin.

Okay, go.

    Woah. What the hell. He likes me? Ugh, what a player. Then suddenly, my phone is blowing up.





Lmao, I'm right here. Chill yourself.

Where's Justin?

V: Idk



J: Hi, guys

V: Oh, there you are.

Go say them, Natalie.

Oh yeah, I found the account on IG.

    I start spamming them with a bunch of screenshots.

J: Lol

V: Oh, and what was the other one?

"If you were a booger, I'd pick you first."

Lmaoo, yesss, I love that one.

J: Lol, what's the account called?


(A.N. idk if that's a real account, I just made it up)

J: Thanks

No problem.

Where's Vanessa?

J: idk

    Shit, where is she? I don't want to be left alone in a conversation with him. She doesn't reply, but she hasn't left the conversation...


Idk, whatever.

J: Can I ask you something?

  Shit, shit, shit, shit, no. No.


J: Wait, has Vanessa told you?

Uhh, yeahhh...

J: Really?

  Oh shit, she told me not say anything.

Lmao, no. Told me what?

J: Idk if I should tell you...

    Omg, that was the best save of my life... but damn. Can he spit it out already? It's not like I don't already know.

You can tell me anything, I promise I won't

tell anyone else. Your secret is safe with me.

J: I like you :$

    Shit, THE Justin Bieber... blushing? Woah, this is epic. Now my insecurity kicks in.

Why? There are so many other

prettier girls. Why me? There's nothing

special about me.

J: Well... ;)

Oh, you have to be kidding me. You're serious?

You know what, I need to go to cheerleading

practice. Bye.

    With his last text, I understood. Guys only like my body. I HAVE A PERSONALITY, TOO! My subconscious screams at him as if he can hear her. Also, my cheerleading practice excuse isn't a complete lie...

J: Ok, bye. ;) :*

    I read the text, but don't respond. He is so full of himself. He thinks he's funny too. Like I'm making up some excuse not to talk to him. Well, technically, I am. I don't have to go to practice for another hour. I leave the conversation and scream into my pillow. I don't know if from excitement, frustration, or confusion.

  "NATALIE, ARE YOU READY!?" I hear my mom snap me out of my daydream from downstairs. Oh shit. I haven't gotten ready yet... shit shit shit.

  "Uhhh, almost! Five more minutes please!" I yell back and pull on my Aeropostle pink floral bathing suit with the navy blue and white polka-dots bottom. I quickly check what time it is. 8:36. Wow, I spent along time doing nothing. I'm in trouble. I put my short pink beach dress on, white sandals, and go brush my teeth. I unplug my phone from the charger and see that it's 8:58. I'm sooo dead. I rush downstairs in double time and my mom's mad. She doesn't say a word as we get out of the house and into the car.

  "I'm not sitting in the middle this time!" My little brother, David, whines.

  "David, you're the smallest one. You sit in the middle and since me and Natasha are bigger, we sit in the sides."

  "NO!" He yells.

  "Mommm..." I whine. When she looks back, I point to David.

  "David, middle. Now." My mom snaps. And because she gave him the death stare, he doesn't say anything back. Wow, it's a miracle.

  My sister and I slide into the sides and wrap ourselves in the blankets and pillows. This is going to be a long ride in a small car. I sigh and plug in my ear phones and turn my music into full blast. I drift back into my daydream...


I hope you guys liked it! I was going to continue the rest of the chapter with her daydream, but decided that I would just continue it in the next chapter... which will be posted either tomorrow or the day after. Probably.

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Yours Truly,


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