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Niall Horan found love in boyfriend Ryan Jamie but is Ryan a good guy? Read to find out what happens when the others find Niall unconscious and Ryan above him. Watch Niall's life spiral out of control.


4. 4

"Let's get going love. Hospitals creep my out!" Liam giggled and walked Niall out to the car not letting go of the smaller boys waist afraid he'd fall if he did. "What if he gets mad?" Niall whispers. Liam knew who 'he' was. It wasn't hard to figure out. Only one person would ever et angry enough to hurt Niall. "He probably will once he realizes he's just lost the best bloke in England." Liam smiled and kissed Niall's head. They got in and it was quiet for the ride home. "Are you hungry? I can sto-" "no I'm not." Niall cut him off. Liam nodded quickly. "Niall-" "Liam I said I'm fine!" Niall said and crossed his arms. Liam nodded again and turned on the radio. The rest I the ride was silent. Liam wanted to talk but didn't want Niall to blow up at him. Liam pulled into the parking lot of Ryans flat and parked the car. "Do you want some help? You know...getting your clothes and stuff?" Liam asked. Niall shook his head before getting out. Liam sighed and pulled out driving back to his boyfriends. When he got home the lights were's only 10pm the boys are usually awake. Liam walked in and laughed when he herd moans from upstairs an saw Harry on the sofa with his arms crossed. "Hello Hazzy." He laughed and kissed the curly lad. "They've been at it for hours! Where have you been!?" Harry frowned. "You were right about Ryan. I had to take Niall to the hospital. Ryan knocked him out and I was afraid he was hurt worst than he was. He'll be over in like an hour so don't make a big deal about it. He's moving in with us." Liam said and sat next to Harry. "Is he okay?" He whimpered. "Course love. Just a bump. Nothing to be worried about." Liam smiled and kissed his lovers lips. Harry nodded and snuggled closer to Liam. "So why aren't you up there with Lou and Zayn?" Harry blushed. "Well I wanted to wait for you but they couldn't so I came down here.." Liam could see the tent in Harry's pants. "Well I'm getting hard listening to them so why don't we have some fun here." Liam smirked. Harry nodded and got on his knees in front of Liam. Harry was the most submissive one I the relationship. Bottomed everyone. "Good boy." Liam smiled and pulled down his jeans and boxers.


Harry stared hungerly at his boyfriend. "Such a cock slut." He moaned and twisted his fingers in Harry's curls. Harry leaned down and took Liam's head into his mouth licking the bead of pre cum that sat on Liam's tip. Liam moaned and pushed Harry's head down and the younger lad opened his throat for Liam. He wanted to be good for him. "Yeah. Fuck-Take all of me. Fuck!" Liam moaned and fucked Harry's mouth. His lips stretched and red. Perfection, pure perfection. "Look at me Haz." Harry looked up through his thick eyelashes and tried to smile around Liam. Liam continued to fuck Harry's face while looking into his eyes. Fuck he couldn't keep himself together. He came with a silent cry and his head thrown back and his hand pushing Harry just that much further down. He let go and slumped into the sofa going limp. "Thanks baby." Liam smiled and Harry stood up and was soft. "Baby? Haz why aren't you hard!?" Liam panicked. Harry laughed and pointed to the floor. "Came when you came Li. Hearing all three of you was so overwhelming." He blushed. "Okay. It's okay love, come here." Liam smiled and opened his arms. "Didn't even noticed you took your pants off. But now we gotta get dressed. Niall will be here -" "OH GOD! Couldn't wait till we all went to sleep!?" Niall shreiked. Liam blushed and pulled his jeans and boxers up from his ankles and wiped up Harry's mess with his pants knowing everyone was used to him being naked. "Sorry love."

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