Help me

Niall Horan found love in boyfriend Ryan Jamie but is Ryan a good guy? Read to find out what happens when the others find Niall unconscious and Ryan above him. Watch Niall's life spiral out of control.


3. 3

Liam got Niall to the car and buckled him in the passenger seat. "Niall bud, everything's going to be okay love. You're going to be okay." And they were off the the ER. Liam picked his band mate back up and rushed him through the doors. "Help! M-My friend h-he won't wake up. Please help him!" Liam shouted and a nurse came over with a be and took Niall away and left Liam scared and confused filling out stupid ER forms.

"Mr.Payne...Mr.Payne wake up." Someone said. The voice was deep and raspy. Liam opened his eyes and sat up. He must've fallen asleep. "Niall Horan right?" Liam nodded. "How did you know who I was hear for and my name?" Liam asked. "Niall's asking for you. Andy daughters a fan." Liam nodded. "Is Niall okay?" He doctor let out a small laugh. "Yes. He's got a pretty big bump on his head but other than that he's okay. He's ready to go home now. He's signing out right now." Liam nodded and got up walking to where he saw his best friend. "You okay bud?" Liam asked. "Yeah...I herd you." Liam smiled. "Course you did love. Now let's get you home." Niall tensed up. "No! Liam please no..." Niall begged. "Okay. I'll drop you off at Ryan's so you can grab some clothes. He isn't there love. You have to drive your car over the my flat. You need your car." Liam giggled. Niall nodded and hugged Liam tight. "What's wrong snowflake?" "Don't wanna date him anymore. Don't want to be with him." Niall whispered. "You don't have to love. You're coming to live with me and the lads."

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