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Niall Horan found love in boyfriend Ryan Jamie but is Ryan a good guy? Read to find out what happens when the others find Niall unconscious and Ryan above him. Watch Niall's life spiral out of control.


2. 2

It's been 3 months with no abuse. Maybe a slight push here and there but nothing that left a mark. Ryan yells more and more as each day passed. But today he was spent time with his boys, his brothers. They sat on the sofa all in one but lump of boy watching a stupid cartoon Harry put on. After a day of eating, walking around and wrestling they were exhausted. Niall looked at the clock and sat it was 5 pm...almost time for Ryan to come home... The boys had to leave now! Niall wasn't allowed to have friends, more importantly boys. Yes they were his band mates but they couldn't hang out outside of work. Ryan said they couldn't and Niall wasn't going to argue with the much taller and stronger man. "Boys I think it's time for you lot to leave. I'm a bit tired and Ryan will be home soon. I need to start dinner." Niall said and got up. "Yeah okay. Don't have to much fun when Ryan gets here." Zayn laughed and put his shoes on. The other boys followed. "You look sad snowflake. What's up?" Harry frowned and stood in front of the blonde boy. "I'm not sad Haz. Just tired." He smiled and opened the door to let them out. They all said their goodbyes and left. Thank god! Ryan would have a fit if he knew they were there. Niall had dinner almost ready when Ryan came stomping through the house. "Whose jumper is this!?" He shouted fisting the grey material in his hand. "Liam's...T-The boys were over for a second." He stuttered keeping his head down. "You when behind my back and hung out with those- those men!?" Niall nodded still looking at the hard wood. "You weak little twit! Fucking look at me!" His voice boomed. Niall didn't look up so Ryan grabbed Niall's chin roughly and tugged it up to meet his eyes. "I said fucking look at me." He growled. He sounded like an animal. "I-I'm sorry Ry!" Niall whimpered looking at his boyfriend. "No you're not!" Ryan shouted and punched Niall hard in the chest. His back hit the side of the counter and he winced. "Yes I am." He whimpered again. "Weak fucking fag!" And with that Niall's head was smashed into the hard wood and he was out. "Niall I think I left my- Oh My God! What the fuck did you do to him!?" Liam screamed an ran to his friend. "He's a fag! A weak fucking fag." Ryan seethed and spit on him. Liam shook his head and patted Niall's cheek. His face was pale but Liam could see his eyes moving under his eyelids. "Ni...Niall come on wake up bud." Liam whispered. He had to get his mate to the hospital.

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