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Niall Horan found love in boyfriend Ryan Jamie but is Ryan a good guy? Read to find out what happens when the others find Niall unconscious and Ryan above him. Watch Niall's life spiral out of control.


1. 1

"I-I don't understand..." Niall stuttered. Ryan glared at him harder. "Of course you don't!" He sneered. Ryan had hit Niall. Punch him in the face because he had burnt their eggs a bit. "R-Ryan? Why'd you hit me? Y-You love me." The last sentence came out sounding more like a question than a statement. "If you stay in line maybe I won't have to do that again!" Niall could feel the tears spill over his lower lid. "Y-You're right. I'm sorry Ry." Niall sobbed. Ryan smiled and pulled his blonde boyfriend into a tight hug. "Why don't we get you cleaned up now, Yeah?" Niall nodded and let the older man lead him into the bathroom. Ryan took care of the bruise that was forming on Niall's pale face. "I love you baby boy." Ryan smiled and kissed Niall's forehead. "I love you too Ry." Ryan nodded and walked out of the bathroom and a few minuets later he herd the doors lamb and the car pull out of the front drive.

Sorry it's so short...just the first chapter.. :3

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