There Bodyguard

I'm top spy in the company I work in youngest worker and most cases won with me. I wanted to take a break for a while but i still wanted to work a little. So I asked my boss, and he said that One direction needed a new bodyguard and he put me n for the job that lasts for 3 months or longer if I like it. Oh did I mention im a girl? well I am.


1. Characters

Lindsey Lynn- I have blonde hair with blue tips, Brown eyes, Top spy in the company I work in, Black belt in karate, top boxer, trained to shoot a sniper, and a bunch of other guns, I have a perment to kill people with the company I work for. I live with my bosses daughter, since my parents where killed 5 years ago along with my little brother, my big sister killed herself shortly after, I have a pain as life but i live to save others. I'm 19 years old, and my best friend is my bosses daughter, Maria.

Marie- Brown hair with red tips, brown eyes, Kick box trainer, knows how to shot a gun just in case, my dad is the boss of a bunch of spies, one being my best friend, Lindsey Lynn. Lives with Lindsey Lynn and my little brother who is 7.

Mike- Mike is the head spy boss, who likes to kept to himself so i dont really know a lot about him other then he took me in when i turned 14, and he is Marie and Jakes dad.

Jake- jake is Marie's little brother with little brown curls and brown eyes. he said he wants to grow up and be like me, which i find adorable. he likes to wrestle and play soccer and is probably the most adorable little boy ever!


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