When You Join a Boy Band...

15 year-old Lydia is a singer who absolutely loves the boy band The Vamps, and when she finds out that they are starting auditions for a fifth member, she immediately goes and tries out. What will happen to Lydia at auditions and even more, what happens when a girl joins a boy band?


3. Nando's

Tristan's POV

We ate out at a local Nando's because we couldn't think of anywhere else. I sat next to Lydia, and Brad sat on the other side of her. James was next to Brad and Connor was also next to me. We learned a lot about Lydia. She was from America, which we knew from her accent, but still, she plays violin, she has two brothers, the oldest at 17 is named Marc and her twin who is 15 like her, is named Josh. Apparently she was like top of her class, and she's been singing since she was really little. Lydia was cool. She didn't say "like" or "OMG" to many times in one sentence, and she was actually a good listener. We were talking about our home lives when my phone rang. I looked down to see that it was from my sister Millie. I excused myself from the table and answered it, standing by the bathrooms so I wouldn't disturb anyone. I could still see our table from where I was standing.

"Millie, what is it?" I asked irritably.

"You said you were gonna call half an hour ago to catch up on our lives, what the hell, Tris!" she shouted at me through the phone.

"Sorry, Mill, something came up. We got our new band member today, and we were getting her settled in. We're out to eat right now." I said into the phone.

"Your new member is a GIRL!!!" she squealed through the phone.

"Yeah, she is..." I said, a little distracted by the ringing in my ears from her exclamation.

"Oh my God!!! You have to introduce her to me! I can see it now, we'll be best friends, we can prank you boys, I'll see you everyday, and not have to call you anymore, I'll get to go with you to award shows-" I cut her off.

"Woah, woah, woah, Mill, what are you talking about?" I asked, still trying to piece together everything she just said.

"Well, I mean, if I was BFFS with one of your band members, I would get to hangout with you guys more, and I'd get to see you more. We wouldn't have to call each other every week anymore, we could just talk..." she trailed off, her voice faded with each word.

"You really want that? You really want to hang out with me?" I asked, I felt touched by the idea.

as I said that, I stole a glance over at our table and saw the water had returned wth our food. He as talking to Lydia, and she had a look of disgust on her face. I saw he waiter reach out his hand and touched her back and she looked very uncomfortable. This guy was being a creep and the boys weren't doing anything about it! I had to help her. I stopped Millie in mid sentence, even though I was only half paying attention to what she hadto say at the moment.

"Hey, Mill, I gotta go, something came up, call you next week." I hung up like that, not even letting her respond and ran up to Lydia, shoving the waiter's hand off of her shoulder.

"What the hell, mate, I was only trying to flirt with her a little!" the waiter said, looking very offended.

"Well be more respectful about it. You can' just go up and put your hands on people!" I shouted at him.

"Please, jus go away." a new voice added to the conversation, it was Lydia's.

The waiter looked at her, looked back at me, flipped me off, then walked away. I watched him go back to the kitchen, and I was just turning around to face the band when two arms wrapped around my neck and embraced me. I t was Lydia. Mindlessly, I wrapped my arms around her waist and held her close to me, enjoying the moment in somewhat of a daze. Her voice brought me out of it.

"Thank you so much Tris! He was really starting to scare me." she said into my shoulder.

"Yeah, no problem." I spoke slowly, choosing my words carefully.

She pulled away from me and smiled at me, then sat back down. She patted the set next to her for me to sit down and I joined the rest of the band.

We didn't talk about the incident for the rest of the night, and my conversation with Millie went forgotten. All that mattered now was this moment, here and now with my greatest friends.

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