The pokemon adventure


2. the forest

I remember i heard the Sound. It sounded like a Voice. But i couldnt hear What it was saying but it came closer. Then i heard the Sound (man) Hey come back here. Then i heard small foot steps and saw a little shadow ran past me. (Man) Hey kid did you see that pokemon. (Simon) no i was just sittin here and eating my lunch (man) if you see it Call This number and tell us where it is okay (Simon) okay. Then the man ran away.Then i started lookin for the pokemon not to give it to that man. Just to look at it and see What pokemon it was. I Found alot of pokemon but not that pokemon. I heard a Sound (man) Hey it is here (woman) ok take it back to the boss. I Walked closer and saw a man and a woman put a vulpix in a little Cage (Simon) Hey go away from that pokemon (woman) Who are you (man) Hey you are the kid from before. I ran closer tho the man and hitted him as hard as i could took the Cage and ran. I looked back they where running after me. I ran behind a Bush and tryed to open the Cage but it was locked. (Simon) the man im sure that he has the Keys i hide the Cage in a Bush. (Man) hvere is he (Simon) Hey im over here i surrender (woman) What did he just surrender (man) i Think so. I Walked slowly over to the man i could see the Keys. He took a rope up from a bag. (Simon) Hey whats that over there (man)where (woman) dont he is lying (man) stupid kid. He was going to hit me but he missed i sneaked up behind the man Took the Keys and ran (woman) Hey come back here. I ran over to the vulpix took the Cage and ran. The man and the woman was just behind me but then i heard a sirene. (Man) oh no Its the police (woman) What are you standing there for run away. The man and the woman ran (police) Hey kid Whats your name (simon) ehhh... Simon (police) did they catch Any of the pokemon (Simon) i dont know i only saw This vulpix (police) is that your vulpix (Simon) ehh yes (police) do you know Who there people where (Simon) no ( police) it was people from a gang around here named team moonlight if you see the again Call the police okay (Simon) okay (police) good. The police drived away. I opened the Cage and followed the vulpix into the forest and to a nest with eggs. The vulpix pushed one off the eggs over to me. I took the egg and putted it in my bag. And for the first time in days i was happy

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