Lucky me

When 20 year old Rachel bumps into the man of everyone's dreams, her life is turned around. From unwanted to the most popular and luckiest girl in the world!


3. Running away

It's been 2 days since I've run away and one of the many things I've learnt is to never take things for granted, like luxury, food, water and a nice family to look after you. I wish I had a family. Things were getting very difficult back home, with most of my relatives slowly passing away from diseases like cancer or because of the fact that they love taking as many drugs as they can fit in their mouths.

Rumbling bellies aren't the worst problem I can think of now. I realise that not only have I not got enough money, but I don't have any clothes except for what I am already wearing. "Scum!" I think that myself.

As I come across a luxurious hotel I got a woft of warmth and well- cooked meat. But as I turn around I "accidentally" bump into this rather charming boy. It was more deliberate than it was accidental. He wore black baggy jeans and a white short sleeved top that seemed to show his big, muscular arms off.

"Oh sorry, I didn't see you there."

"Sorry" I said in what seemed to me, a nicer way than usual.

"My name's Finn. Finn Harrison. Nice to meet you..."


"Rachel?" He repeated.

"Stewart. Rachel stewart."

"Hello Rachel stewart. You look lost. Do you need any help?"

"Oh, I was just about to ask someone where the nearest, cheapest hotel or somewhere to stay is. You see, I kinda ran away from home and have less than a fiver so I was wondering if there was something like a cheap hotel around here?"

"Erm... Well, you could stay at my place for tonight? I am more than willing to have you a nice place?"

I could not believe that this was actually happening! Finn Harrison, who could of been in my imagination because of how ridiculously fit he was, was asking me if I'd like to stay at his house for the night! I just wish I could replay that moment.

"Are you sure? This isn't a joke or anything, is it?"

"Course I'm sure! Come on, we can walk together beautiful."

As we walked and talked to Finn's house, it suddenly felt like we had been friends since the day we were born. He seemed really nice and caring. What wasn't there to like about him? He was cute, fit, tall, handsome and muscular. All in one! After a while my head killed from looking up at a 6"4inch 23 year old young man, when I was only 5"0!

As we chatted away in bed, It suddenly can to thought that we would be with each other forever.

I placed my hand on his rather muscular biceps and pulled him closer. I could smell the beer that he had just drunk from the can. The heat from our bodies gave off like a bonfire. I slipped onto his chest, both of us were ripping our clothes off and carried on from there.

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