Dying In The Desire

"It's called Desire, not love" his voice echoes in my head.
Tears trickles down my face, pain and sorrow filling me. Was everything a lie then? Was our love a lie? He might have lied, but I didn't.
"I loved you." I speak out.


2. The new boy

The school bell rung in the hallways, its loud echoing wail, caused everyone to look around, and start heading to their next lessons. Couples gave each other one last kiss, before breaking to there next lessons. Girls and boys everywhere, broke into there little groups. Oakview Academy, the school which had been my home for the last three years. With rusty old gates, and twisting towers; this school would give you the impression that it was a witches castle. But the only thing that had the element of witch in the school was our headteacher Narbula. Narbula, who would name there child Narbula. Our school, was just like all the other schools. Everyone was classed into certain groups; there were the elite, the most prettiest, best looking and sportiest students, the rebels, students who were like the bad boy, the geeks, the smart students who had no fashion sense, the loners, students who were just nobodies, and then everyone else, and that was where I fitted to.

My brother Mason was in the elite, and I bet your wondering if somebody as sporty and best looking can be related to a student who is just like me. I'm not ugly, but I'm not pretty with long black hair, and black crow like eyes. My mother had told me that I had eyes that could hold the devil. Nice to know my eyes are like the devils. My brother Mason looked like my mother; with brown hair, and brown eyes and a warm smile, and was a jock. But even though my brother and me would seem so different; inside we weren't. We were as close as glue, and we had gotten even closer after our parents death. I quickly skipped to my locker, and took out my lesson books, then slammed the locker down shut. That was when I realized; the halls were empty, the lesson would have started now, five minutes in. Well then, at least I could at least be fashionably late to the lesson. I felt somebody presence, and I turned around to see a guy my age. A face which I had never seen before. A guy stood there, with black hair in spikes, and black eyes, he wore a pair of black rimmed glasses, which brought out his high cheekbones, and mysterious eyes. He looked at me, and sighed. I turned around hastily, getting ready to go to my next lesson, when I realized I had just bumped into the guy.

"Excuse me. Miss. I'm lost. I was heading to Ms.Hopkins room, and somehow couldn't find the room twenty seven. In a place this big, getting lost is easy, huh." the boy told me in an confident tone.

"New here?" I asked him.

"How did you know, do I really look lost?" the guy asked me.

"No. It's just that I would have recognized a face like yours." I answered.

"A face like mine." he mumbled.

"I mean, a hot looking guy." I replied, then realized what I had said.

"A hot looking guy." the boy repeated, with a smile.

I blushed pink, tucking a strand of my black hair. Wait, why did this guy have this impact on me?

"Yeah, um. What's your name?" I questioned, trying to change the subject.

"Skyler Chase." the boy told me in a friendly tone, his hand held out in front of him.

"Layla Rose." I told him, shaking his hand.

His grip was strong, and it felt like electric currents when I held his hand. I smiled at him friendly, wondering how a guy could make me feel like this.

"My hand." Skyler mumbled.

That was when I realized, I was still shaking his hand. I let his hand go, and watched him look at me.

"You have a strong grip for a girl." Skyler complimented me.

"Well I am a strong girl." I replied back.

"I guess I do have this powerful effect on girls." Skyler told me.

"On girls." I said.

"I mean normally girls throw themselves at me, but I like how you bumped yourself onto me." Skyler smiled cockily.

"I didn't mean to bump into you, and I am not like the other girls." I answered back.

"Of course you're not now, but you soon will be." Skyler told me.

"Jerk." I muttered under my breathe.

"Princess." his intoxicating voice called me.

"I have got to go, see you later." I mumbled, wanting to get away from this guy, this guy did things to me that no other guy did.

"Not if I don't see you first, princess." the guy replied smiling, before walking off in the correct direction. Wait, I didn't even tell the guy the direction, how did he know? did he just come here to talk to me. Skyler Chase. A mysterious name for a mysterious guy. Skyler.

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