Dying In The Desire

"It's called Desire, not love" his voice echoes in my head.
Tears trickles down my face, pain and sorrow filling me. Was everything a lie then? Was our love a lie? He might have lied, but I didn't.
"I loved you." I speak out.


1. Preface

"It's called Desire, not love." his cold piercing voice laughs at me.


Tears brimmed in my eyes, and all I could do was watch the tears trickle down my face. He broke me, he lied to me. Was my love a lie to him? Were all those sweet words just a trick to him? He might have thought that this was a game, but it was not a game to me. Broken. Shattered. Pain. His words were all a lie; he just wanted to make a fool of me. Well guess what, he did.


"I thought you loved me." I spoke out in a raspy tone, trying to get the words out of my mouth.


"Thought what, that I would love an ugly fat pig like you, you must be kidding me!" he screamed out in cackles, laughing away.


"You said I was beautiful." I cry out in pain.


"It was a lie, are you so stupid. Haven't you taken a look in the mirror, and seen your horrendous face poke out, or did it break when it saw your face." he answers back in a mocking tone.

"I" I mumble out, feeling speechless.


My eyes gazed upon him; I always knew he was beautiful; with red hair, the colour of flames, and green eyes, so green it felt like you were looking at emeralds. I always wondered why he took an interest in me; after all I was nothing to look at. I had always considered myself lucky; lucky that he loved me. But that was all a lie to. Just like everything he had told me. I remember the first time we met; I had accidently bumped into him, causing his steaming hot coffee to spill over him, at first he had looked angry, but then his gaze had roamed over me and then his beautiful face broke into a grin. I had apologized; but he had said that it was fine, and that a beautiful girl should spill his coffee more often. At first I was confused; wondering who he was talking about, and that was when I realized he had said that to me. From that day, we had spent a lot of time together, and it was a month later when he had asked me out, and I had said yes. My first ever boyfriend; and I had been so excited. But only later did I see the monster everybody saw in him; and even when he hurt me, and I was scared. I would just convince myself that he loved me.

“Go and die, and do everyone a favour.” He cackled like a wicked witch, pushing the dagger into me.

That day so many things ended; my love, my life, my soul. But most of all; all the love I used to have for him.

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