A year to know you

A girl gets kidnapped and gets saved by someone we know very well


5. who am i? where am i?

I woke and saw a man standing above me. He was blurry and yelling "are you ok!?" At me

Officer Luke's POV

As soon as i saw the suspect put the needle into the girl i pulled out my gun, blowing my under cover project. The man surrendered immediately. I had all of the people cuffed when another man came out of no where and pulled out a gun. Next thing i knew , i was going towards the light.

Jills pov

I stood up and stumbled over to a door. I walked out confused and limping, no one was around. A car zoomed past me then another and another, everything was spinning and then i fell. I was lying on the ground when a can pulled over.

Nialls POV

I was just driving when i saw a girl fall, i pulled over opened my door and ran to her "are you ok?!?" I asked franticly. She looked up at me then passed out. I carried her into my car and rushed to the hospital. I rushed her in and a bunch of nurses took her away.

I was talking to a police officer when i got a phone call from harry " NIALL" harry yelled so loud i had to hold the phone away from my ear "where are you?!? Your never late to one of our brunches the boys and i are worried!" "Oh harry you'll never believe it!" Right then the doctor came out "sorry harry got to go ill explain later start without me". I hung up and walked over to the doctor. "How is she?!" Shes ok, we had to amputate a leg. She had some cuts and bruises all over her body. And i know you dont really know her but i need you to take care of her as soon as she is ready to go." "WHAT" i dont even know her send her home" "we would but she has very bad Anesthesia and we cannot find out for another year. Sadly there is no orphanage willing to take her in at this age" i slowly nodded yes "thank you for your cooperation, would you like to see her" i ran my fingers through my hair " ya of coarse" the doctor led me to her room. She was wide awake. I sat down, she looked scared and confused. "Hi" i said " hi" she spoke hesitantly. " um, my name is Niall, your going to stat with me for the next year." "Oh uh hi my names... Uhhhh i dont know" she started hyperventilating " hey! Hey its ok we can give you a name!" "We can?!" "Of coarse, how about caitie?" "Alright" "good" "the doctor said i can leave tomorrow morning" " wow that early" "ya" we both sat awkwardly. Until i got a call from louis "Niall mate whats going on you haven't been answering your texts or calls for hours!!!" "Sorry louis i have had a very interesting day. In fact i was hoping me you and elinore could have lunch tomorrow i need your guys help." "Sure thing niall" "ill meet you guys at your nandos at 12:00 tomorow" "alright niall see you then" i hung up and looked up to see caitie asleep . I looked into her eyes, she was beautiful.

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