A year to know you

A girl gets kidnapped and gets saved by someone we know very well


3. selling children/teens

I was chained up in this dark wet cell for hours. Days even, once a day the door opened and a small piece of bread was delivered.

One day the door opened and a black figure walked. They wrapped something around my waist

They walked me out of the cell and took me to a bright room where men and women were all looking into cages filled with children. At a counter i saw the children being SOLD!!! It was heart breaking.

I was put into one of the cages.

Hours later i was taken out again and taken onto a stage. They layed me in a chair and lifted my legs onto a stool, they tied me onto it. I was more scared than you could ever imagine. If i scream (i discovered) the think they put onto my waist would shock me. All i did was cry silently.

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