A year to know you

A girl gets kidnapped and gets saved by someone we know very well


6. learning my new life

Nialls pov

I came back to the hospital and entered the room caitie was staying in. She wasnt in the bed, she came out of the bathroom in a wheelchair that was the first time i really notices the missing leg. I smiled at her and gave her the flowers i had brought her. She was wearing a cute little pink shirt and jeans. Her nurse had brought them from home for her. Ready to go? I asked "as ill ever be". I rolled her out of the hospital and realized this year was going to be...different. We got to nandos and i hugged elenore and gave louis a high five. "And who is this?!" Louis said nudging me. We sad down and i told them everything "and elenore i wans hoping you could help caitie here and go shopping get some clothes and other things." "Ya id love to" "thank you so much"

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