I belong.

So... This is a story about me. About who I am, and what i want to become. I really want to be a singer, but my mother expects me to be a lawyer. I suffer from stagefright, but I know that I am born to be on a stage. This is my story. ENJOY


1. nothing special.

Oh, hi there. I'm a 14 year old girl. I go to school just like everybody else and I, like every other girl, have an obsession with a teenage celebrity. I love drawing, playing guitar, and singing. 

I live in a small country in Europe, but my dream is to move to the states, get a record deal, and succeed with music. Music has always been a big part of my life, because I don't have contact to my father, who taught me to play guitar. So making and singing music is the only way I've ever felt I could have a connection too him. 

I've always had a different kind of music taste, for a girl. You see, I love hip hop, but I would never even consider making hip hop music. Eminem, is for me, rap god. I adore him, and I've always dreamt if meeting him. But he never comes to Europe.. 

I also like Alicia Keys, well her old music. I listen to a little bit of Xtina Aguilera. Recently I've been listening to a lot of R5, but their music just isn't me! I think the only reason I actually listen to it is because I have a huge crush on Ross Lynch. I mean, I like some of the lyrics but.. Anyways I just love good music. No one has the same taste in music as me. I also write my own music, but that's something I just keep too myself. 

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