My Second Life

My name is Taylor, and this is my second life with our second life.


1. Settling In

I'm Taylor Dillon.  I'm twenty years old, and I'm Ricky's sister. I have long light brown hair with deep blue eyes.


As I walked through the front door, I was greeted by five voices. They belonged to Connor, Trevor, Sam, Kian and Jc (Justin). Ricky was behind me, he had met me from the airport. I lived in Florida, but now I lived in California with the boys. Our 2nd Life, as most know them as. Ricky's my brother, and the others are almost like brothers to me too. I've known them ever since the collab channel was created. When we were all done greeting each other, I took my things upstairs and began unpacking.


There was an extra room in the house that was previously just storage, but as they began clearing it out it became my room for when I moved in. Which was now. At first I was kinda nervous about moving in, in case the boys didn't want me there or it would be weird having a girl there but they had all assured me they would act exactly the same. Which slightly scares me, but it will all be good fun. What you see on cameras is only a fraction of their craziness, with plenty of serious business too. While unpacking, I could hear them downstairs running about. Ricky was saying something about the channel, they were about to make a video.


I just stayed in my room to avoid interrupting, looking out of the window onto the sunny streets. I loved these boys, I felt like they were my family but in a way completely seperate, which they were. Suddenly, the door burst open and Ricky came in with Connor, holding a camera in my face. 

"Whoa" I laughed, turning away.

"And this is my sister, who has just moved in. Say hello." Ricky was saying to the camera, then turned back to me.

"Hi" I grinned, sitting down on my bed. 

"Anyway, she's boring so let's move on to the more interesting news." I heard him say, walking out of my room.

"Hey!" I shouted, throwing a cushion at him as he left. Connor caught it, and threw it back at me. 

I laughed, and threw another. He ended up throwing things at each other for the next ten minutes, before Sam ran in and announced we were all going to Tacobell. Everyone gathered downstairs, and got into the two cars that they had. Finally, we arrived at Tacobell and ordered the usual. A few girls recognised o2l and their faces lit up and they came to ask for an autograph.


I sat down next to Trevor and tucked in to my taco. The others did too, and it was pretty quiet until we had all finished. When we got back, Ricky went upstairs to edit his video, Kian went out to meet Andrea and I watched TV with Trevor, Sam, Jc and Connor. I couldn't help thinking I was lucky to be here, with the people I felt most comfortable with.

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