My two dads, love, and being a famous daughter

Ashlen is Ashley Purdy's and Andy Biersack's 18 year old daughter. She is in love with CC and she doesn't know if he loves her back. The thing is will Ashley be ok with them being together or will he completely forbid it?


3. chapter 3- I want this

We pulled into CC's driveway,"CC?"

"What baby?" 

"I'm scared," I looked down.

"We don't have to do anything baby," he said taking my hand in his. He got out and opened my door. I walked to his door. He unlocked it and held it open. I walked and went to his bathroom and splashed my face with some water.

I went back out and sat on the couch. CC sat next to me and wrapped his arm around me. I looked at him. He smiled and leaned in to kiss me. His lips met mine. Our lips moved perfectly in sync. His tongue slipped into my mouth. Our tongues started battling for dominance. He laid me back and got on top of me and his hands moved to my hips. His lips moved down my jaw line to my neck, nipping slightly at the skin. He found the spot on my neck that drove me crazy. I whimpered and felt him smile. His hands moved under my shirt to my bra. He unhooked the back and pulled off my shirt. He then removed my bra and threw it on the floor. I tugged at his shirt and he pulled it off. He stopped kissing my neck and looked me in the eyes, "What am I doing? I should've listened to you!" He said mentally smacking himself. 



"I want to do this," I said. He looked at me shocked. 

"Are you sure?" I nodded. He smiled and kissed me again. One hand on my cheek the other unbuttoning my jeans. I undid his and wrapped my arms around his neck. This should be fun  

I woke up at 8 in CC's bed. I smiled and got up leaving CC to sleep. I threw on his KISS tee and put on my panties. I was in a lot of pain , but I didn't care. I went to the bathroom and took some pain killers. I walked downstairs and went into the kitchen. I pulled out some ingredients for pasta. I made my own sauce. When it was done I went to wake up CC, "Christian, baby," I said kissing him softly. He opened his eyes and smiled. 

"Hey Ashlen," he said sleepy. 

"Come eat," I said pulling him. He got up and went downstairs. I just had sex with the man of my dreams, and gave him my virginity. Nice day. 


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