My two dads, love, and being a famous daughter

Ashlen is Ashley Purdy's and Andy Biersack's 18 year old daughter. She is in love with CC and she doesn't know if he loves her back. The thing is will Ashley be ok with them being together or will he completely forbid it?


2. chapter 2 -Tattoos and Lullabys

I walked into the tattoo parlor with CC and White Rabbit. My daddy talked to the man at the counter who looked me up and down. I shifted my body next to CC's. He grabbed my hand showing that I was his. Our fingers interlocked perfectly together. The man motioned me to follow him, "I'm coming with you ,Ashlen, don't worry," CC whispered in my ear. All three of us followed the man and I sat in the plastic covered black chair.

"Where do you want it?" The man asked. 

"On my neck," I replied. Daddy looked at me worried. 

"Are you sure? You know when I got mine it hurt really bad. I was in a lot of pain, dragonfly," he tried to change my mind. I thought for a minute. I had wanted Ashley's name on me for a while. Yes we fought a lot, but I still loved him. 

"I want it on my wrist," I decided. I told him exactly what I wanted and he drew it out on some paper. It was in Chancery cursive, I loved it. He started to do it on my wrist. CC looked at me while biting his lip. I looked at him in pain. I felt tears start to form. He grabbed my hand and kissed it. I squeezed his hand as the needle went over my veins. A tear rolled down my cheek and he wiped it away. 

After my tattoo was finished, CC decided to take me shopping. I ran my fingers on his tattooed arms as he leaned us against his car in the parking lot. He smiled his gorgeous smile. Nothing had ever felt so perfect than this moment. He was 29 and I didn't care. I loved this man more than anything in my world, "Christian?" I spoke carefully.

"Yes my dear?" He said softly and he laid his forehead on mine.

"I think, I love you," I said looking into his brown eyes and smiling nervously. 

"I-I think I love you too Ashlen," he said leaning in. My first kiss! I didn't move. I was too scared. His lips connected with mine and his hand went to my small waist. His other hand went to my hair pulling it lightly as his hands ran through it. His tongue ran across my bottom lip. I gave him entrance starting to get into the kiss. Our tongues battled for dominance. He pulled away and said, "Let's go to my house," he opened the door and got in. I followed.



There might be some dirtiness next chapter ;)

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