My two dads, love, and being a famous daughter

Ashlen is Ashley Purdy's and Andy Biersack's 18 year old daughter. She is in love with CC and she doesn't know if he loves her back. The thing is will Ashley be ok with them being together or will he completely forbid it?


5. Are We Ready?

I walked into the bathroom and saw the results from the door. The results were positive.  Shit, "Christian!" 

"I don't wanna know!!!!" He scream while running down the hallway. He had his eyes covered and he ran into the wall, "ow," I shook my head. I went and helped him up. 

"I guess it's not that bad..." I said. He looked at me like I was crazy. 

"Not that bad?! Ashlen you're pregnant!" 


"What Ashy?" 

"Do you not want to have a baby with me?" I felt the tears start to swell.  He gave me a sympathetic look and wrapped his arms around me.

"Baby, it's not that I don't want to. It's just, are we ready for this?" 

"Well we kinda have to be because I am pregnant," He smiled and kissed me.

"Figured that much," he mumbled against my lips. I smiled. We pulled away and realized,

"How are we gonna tell the boys?" We screamed together. We both fell against the opposite wall and brought our knees to our chests. We stared at each other.

"I don't know how your dad's will react so," CC said throwing his hand in the air. I shrugged. 

"I'm stumped," I replied.

"Maybe we should tell Jinxx, and Jake first?" 

"I don't know Ceece," I said giving up. He rubbed his head, "Yeah your head hurts huh?" He nodded, "So does mine." 

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