+16 ---> Yet another tale about kidnapping, violence, sex and other things ... I assume you are familiar about this, but I don't think younger readers should be reading this, because some things should be unwritten... *smiles* I will again write about a girl who be kidnapped by 1D... ^^,


23. To get away

I woke up by a tractor roared past the car. I noted that the sun was up and the people had woken up in the village. They peered curiously at the car, but no one came forward to speak to me. I craned my body and tried to figure out what time it was. Niall wasn't back yet and I didn't see him on the road. Maybe I hadn't slept as long as I thought? I opened the car door and let in fresh air. It was nice outside and I felt that the sun warmed up the air. I chose to put me on the ground and made ​​sure I got started. I spun around and looked at the surroundings. There were some houses, but everything looked very old. I guessed that Niall and I had ended up in the world's output and this was the end of everything? The idea appealed to me a little and I smiled a little bit.


Right as it was a black car popped up from nowhere. The car stopped next Nialls car. I was unsure and wondered who it could be. I felt my body stiffen when Harry showed up. Direct I spun around and I began to run straight out on a field. I heard he ran after me, and I assumed he was faster compared to what I was. Still, I managed to pick up the pace and I ran as fast as I could and dried. 
"Stop your fucking bitch!" I heard him shout after me. "You wont fucking believe you can get away." 
I chose not to hesitate. I noticed that he slowly took in the distance and he was after me. I ran into the woods and I was hoping that the trees would cover me. Still, I managed to not get going, I jumped over a creek, I stumbled across branches, but I continued. I realized I still had good condition after years of soccer. Maybe that Harry had worse condition against me and that he would get tired?


I don't know where I ran or how I ran. Right as it was, I noticed that the distance to Harry rose. He slowed down and I realized he wasn't able to follow me. Yet, I chose to continue and eventually I ran out on a new field. I quickly looked behind me and noticed that Harry was no longer there. I had run away from him. Actually, I was happy and I was proud.


It took a while to regain my strength in the body, but in the end I felt I was breathing normally and I started taking me foreward. I went to a barn and was hoping to find water there. I saw a man in the yard, and he looked like a farmer. I went straight up to him and turned up a good lie. 
"Hello?" I got out of me. He looked at me in surprise and he seemed to think about where I came from. 
I smiled and tried to look normal. 
"I happened to get lost and wondering if I could get some water to drink?" 
The man looked down at my clothes and then on my face. He nodded and walked ahead of me into his house. I got ice cold water and I could feel my strength came back. 
"Why did you get lost?" he asked. I went on with a half-lie. 
"My car stopped and I need gasoline. Know where I can find a gas station?" 
He smiled and nodded. 
"If you continue onto the main road and take the right, there's one there."


I didn't stay too long in one place. Harry knew which way I had run. I started to walk towards the main road, but as soon as the man didn't see me anymore, I started to walk across the field again. If Harry asked the man where I was, he would say I was on my way to the gas station, but I wasn't! I chose to go to the forest and when I got into the trees again, I felt more confident. I had no idea where I was going, but it was better to stand still.


As the sun began to go down, I found an abandoned house. I saw that the windows were smashed and therefore I didn't need to be worried. I crawled through one of the windows and found that there had been people there before me. Although the house was abandoned, there was furniture. I went upstairs and found a bed. I smiled and realized that I was safe for the night. Direct I found a couple of blankets, I was trying to make the mattress clean and then I lay down on it. I would try to just sleep a few hours and I wanted to quickly set off after the brake.

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