+16 ---> Yet another tale about kidnapping, violence, sex and other things ... I assume you are familiar about this, but I don't think younger readers should be reading this, because some things should be unwritten... *smiles* I will again write about a girl who be kidnapped by 1D... ^^,


4. The room

I guess I fell asleep, but I'm not sure I was even was aware of anything. I was startled just became I was uplifted and someone carried me. They closed the van behind them and I heard how excited they sounded. 
"In with her!" 
I wondered where I was going in? I felt the person that carried me, walked up on stairs and through a door. 
"The bedroom?" said another voice. 
"Yes, it's as well the best to lock her in there." 
I didn't want to be locked in and I didn't want to be with these guys. 
"Please!" I whimpered. "I haven't done anything wrong and dad isn't rich. You wont be millionaires by kidnap me ..." 
"We know!" 
I balked. 
"Then why?"
"You are chosen!" 
I cried and I felt how the person who carried me flexing every muscle in his body. 
"You're a girl who should be happy." 
I shook, I cried and I didn't understand what he was talking about. 
"We've got you ..."


I eventually landed on something soft. I realized immediately that it was a bed and I realized that this was my destiny. I had no power to fight back. 
"Please tell me what I'm doing here." 
I felt that they took away the handcuffs from my hands. 
"You are our now ..." 
I swallowed.
"What does that mean?" 
"To you? The fact that your ours and we can do whatever we want with you. You should be happy and you should be grateful you're here."
They removed the hood from my head, but I saw nothing. The room was dark and I only saw the shadows of five people. 
"Who are you?" 
"That'll you find out tomorrow ..." 
I felt so scared and I looked down on the bed. 
"But why me?" 
"You are chosen!" sighed a voice. "We've said it all the time and you have to understand that you get more than anyone else on earth." 
"That you will find out tomorrow ..."


They left me alone in the room and locked the door carefully. I understood that I was a prisoner and that I couldn't argue with them. Still, I sneaked up on my toes and over to the window. There were grilles, I couldn't escape that way. I went to another door and saw that there was a bathroom. I also found an empty closet, an empty chest of drawers and a TV. I knew I was going to sleep, because I had the power in the room. I couldn't light a single bulb and the only thing to do was sleep.


I lay down with my clothes on. I took the covers over my head and felt my body had panicked. I wanted to go home. My parents would come home and realize that I wasn't there. I hoped that they had proof that I was kidnapped. I was hoping the guys would call them and tell them I was hooked. I knew it was only a dream, but still. Maybe they'd like to have money, jewellery, or something else? I would then be free and able to go home.


It took a long time before I fell asleep. I felt my whole body ached, how thoughts spun around and I was afraid. Still, I fell asleep!

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