+16 ---> Yet another tale about kidnapping, violence, sex and other things ... I assume you are familiar about this, but I don't think younger readers should be reading this, because some things should be unwritten... *smiles* I will again write about a girl who be kidnapped by 1D... ^^,


14. The morning in bed

When I woke up in the morning, I felt immediately that Niall was still near me. He kept his arms around my body and I heard he slept. Somehow, this was as close a relationship as I had been. I liked the feeling, but knew it could disappear as soon as Niall woke up. I enjoyed the moment and tried to collect myself.


"Niall did it!" I heard right it was Louis burst out by the door. There goes my wonderful feeling and I fell down to reality. Everyone knew what was happening in the house and I knew that nothing could be a secret. I heard how they sneaked into the room and immediately I closed my eyes. I wanted to play like I was asleep and I was successful. 
"Niall ...?" Zayn whispered and nudged easy on Niall. He woke up and I felt how he stretched his body and looked at them. 
"What are you doing here?" he got out. "I don't want you ..." 
Liam giggled. 
"We just wanted to congratulate you!" 
Niall was like me. He seemed to dismiss that they had appeared. 
"Can you leave us?" 
Louis laughed quiet. 
"She's everyone's, not just yours?"
Niall was uncertain, and his voice was shaky. 
"Can't I just lie next to her a little bit longer?" 
Liam disagreed. 
"It's my turn now to get her." 
I froze. I realized that they really had planned that everyone would get to be with me. I didn't want to be with Liam. I had seen his big thing and I didn't want it. Niall seemed to notice that I was awake. He held his arms gently on my body, but said nothing to the others. 
"We will be down to you when she's awake." 
Liam sighed. 
"But come on!" 
Niall didn't seem to care. 
"We will be down to you when she has woken up, I said!"


When they had left the room, put Niall his lips against my ear and I felt how close to me he was. 
"You are afraid?" 
I opened my eyes and nodded. Niall smiled and hugged me gently. 
"Is it Liam or is it the truth that he wants too?" 
I swallowed. 
"Have you seen what he has between his legs?" 
Niall nodded and kissed me lightly on the neck. 
"I know what he has, but do you know?" 
I was honest with him. 
"He was masturbating in front of me when Zayn had been on me."
Niall paused and seemed to really listen to me. 
"But the girls want such things, that big?" 
I turned around and met his gaze. I shook directly on the head. 
"No Niall, not everyone wants to have such great thing and I'm one of them." 
I was surprised when Niall smiled. He was smiling and he seemed almost happy, which made ​​me react. 
"You smile?" 
He nodded. 
"I was so scared before that mine was too small. I have the smallest of us in the group and all the girls say all the time that guys should have big one?"
I realized why he had fallen down all the time and been so scared, but I personally felt that his seemed okay. I may not have the experience to speak about it, but I knew he was good enough. 
"You are afraid of everything?" I whispered. Niall smiled and shook directly on his head. 
"But these things I don't know about makes me afraid sometimes." 
I smiled. 
"So now you know that you are good enough?" 
He nodded with satisfaction and scored an easy victory gesture with his arm. 
"Weee, I do!"


We showered and put on our clothes. Niall quickly went back to his room. I did everything to not go down to the others, but in the end I couldn't find more to do in my room. Niall came back to me again and hugged me lightly. 
"You may not have to go all the way with Liam?" 
I swallowed and looked up at him. 
"And you want me to believe that fact?" 
He shook his head, 
"But I hope he's nice to you?"

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