+16 ---> Yet another tale about kidnapping, violence, sex and other things ... I assume you are familiar about this, but I don't think younger readers should be reading this, because some things should be unwritten... *smiles* I will again write about a girl who be kidnapped by 1D... ^^,


31. One year later

I sat at the back of the yard, in a deck chair and I had a blanket around your body. I still wasn't healthy and I still had difficulty walking. At night I dreamed nightmares and I had a hard time to really trust people. My whole life was a mess and I was glad that I at least survived. My parents made ​​sure I always had a nurse at home and that I wasn't alone. They let me just be, because I couldn't manage to go to school or even play soccer anymore.


Niall was my most faithful friend. We were getting close and he had stood up for me. This particular day he came to my house and he came out the back of the house. 
"Hi, honey." 
I smiled and met his gaze. He walked up to me and sat on the sun bed beside me. I took the blanket tighter around my body and laughed a little bit. 
"What happened today?" 
Niall smiled and took out a newspaper from his pocket. He showed me a photo of the house, where I had been a prisoner. 
"We will sell the house." he said happily. "I had wanted to burn down the whole thing, but the others want the money. Harry has found a buyer." 
I don't know what I would feel. I just smiled and looked away from him. 
Niall cleared his throat a little and I saw that he had more he wanted to tell me.
"That's one thing I want you to do, for my sake." 
I looked at him and smiled weakly. 
He seemed to ponder. 
"I talked to your parents and they say that you have nightmares about what happened. I'm going to the house today and will go through my room in case I want to keep certain things. I want you to come with me." He looked up at me. "Then you get an end to everything." 
I wanted to shake my head and I panicked, 
"Niall, I can't. .." 
He took my hand and he held them tenderly in his hand. 
"Just today, then you'll never see the house again."


I don't know how Niall managed to convince me. I got into his car and before I knew it we were on our way to the house. I recognized the road, when we came out in the woods. I saw the area where I had been a prisoner and in the end we went into the yard, to the house.


Niall helped me get out of the car. He took his arm around my waist and he helped me to come up the stairs to the door. 
"Do you want to keep something from your room?" 
I swallowed and shook my head. 
"No thanks!" 
Niall unlocked the door and got me to go in. I stumbled beside him and I saw the rooms that had been my home. It felt so empty because everyone else was gone. I felt no panic, but it was uncomfortable.


Nialls room was exactly the same as I remember it. He had the bed, all the stuff and he put me down on the bed. I watched as he began to go through all his stuff and I saw how he was picked in the papers.

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