+16 ---> Yet another tale about kidnapping, violence, sex and other things ... I assume you are familiar about this, but I don't think younger readers should be reading this, because some things should be unwritten... *smiles* I will again write about a girl who be kidnapped by 1D... ^^,


13. Niall

Niall slipped almost into my room. I was trying to figure out a way to escape, when he appeared beside the bed. He stood and looked down at me with an uncertain glance. He smiled and swallowed a little bit. 
"You know I'm glad I got to feel on the ..." he paused and blushed again. "May I touch you even more?" 
I smiled and made room for him beside me. Niall sat down and watched me closely. I saw his eyes slid over my body. 
"What do you want to touch me?" 
Niall gulped and I saw that he wanted to feel my breasts. I sat up next to him and smiled a little bit. 
"Shall I take off my dress?" 
I just received a nod in response. I saw how big his eyes got when I pulled the dress over my head. I had panties and bra on, yet he was like a kid on Christmas Eve. His eyes almost fell out when I took off my bra. Directly he stared down over my body and breathing heavy. I took both his hands and brought them to my breasts. Niall shook and he seemed to believe that he hurt me. I felt him slowly began to touch my nipples and he was excited.
"How beautiful they are ..." he mumbled. "Soft and so round."
I grinned and nodded. I couldn't help liking what we did. Niall wasn't like everyone else in the house and he seemed hardly to know what he would do with me. I sat closer to him and tried to get him to dare more.
"You can touch me anywhere you want."
Niall groaned and looked quickly into my eyes, then he looked down at my body.
"May I see you without panties?"
I nodded and stood up on the floor. I pulled my panties off and then put me down next to him again. Niall just stared at me and groaned.
"Damn, good looking body!" he exclaimed. "You're so beautiful!"
I lay down on my back and smiled at him. Niall lay down beside me and let one hand slide down over my stomach. He was so gentle and he looked at me with wide eyes. I spread my legs and showed that he could go on. 
"Not there?" Niall mumbled directly, but I took his hand and brought it down between my legs. I made ​​sure he touched my clit and I moaned. 
"There, it's nice!" 
Niall gulped and he let his hand remain. He felt all over the area and eventually I moaned about the enjoyment. He looked into my eyes and seemed almost wonder if it hurt. 
"Can I feel inside?" 
I nodded and felt his one finger penetrated. I spread more on the legs and found that I liked it. Niall smiled and seemed as happy as me. He leaned over me and slowly started to kiss me. It was as if he tested his way. He got my stomach tingle, he got the body to react and he got my pussy getting wet. I began to move against his hand and moaned against his lips. 
"Taking it in and out." I mumbled, feeling Niall obeyed me. I moaned louder and my whole body wanted more. His hand was so perfect and his kisses so gorgeous. He moaned lightly and I saw that he was horny. Therefore, I let one of my hands to unbutton his pants and I picked out his member. Niall groaned and he seemed to forget that he would be careful. Instead he kissed me more intensely and let his tongue slowly klida in between my lips.


We came to the position when he touched me and I touched him. I felt his cock shook with excitement and finally he landed on top of me. Niall penetrated and he groaned aloud. I stripped him of his shirt and began stroking his naked skin. 
"Harder ..." I mumbled and moaned. I felt he was moving faster and he groaned higher. I heard how he loved the feeling and he seemed to be in another world. I took my legs around his waist and led him to bounce hard against me. Our bodies were laid in each other, and his lips were more and more intense.


Niall came! He thrust his cock hard into me and I felt his body shook. He whimpered and he hid his face against my cheek. I felt how he filled me and pressed the outbreak in me. Afterward, he lay on me and just breathed. He was heavy and seemed almost gone. 


"You didn't come?" he mumbled. I smiled and was honest. 
"That's all right!" 
Niall disagreed. He lay down next to me and started kissing me again. He took down his hand and started touching me again. I felt his fingers perfectly played with my clit and it didn't take much time before I came!


"Is it like that every time?" Niall whispered in my ear. 
"Well, it depends." I replied and swallowed. "For you guys it's probably nice however you do it, but we girls need foreplay and other things." 
Niall looked into my eyes. 
"Next time I want us to come together." 
I grinning. 
"If we can? I was a virgin when I got here and I don't know how to do everything." 
Niall was calm throughout the body and he just smiled at me. I felt how he held me and he looked at me with love. 
"We'll test and we can always trying?"

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