+16 ---> Yet another tale about kidnapping, violence, sex and other things ... I assume you are familiar about this, but I don't think younger readers should be reading this, because some things should be unwritten... *smiles* I will again write about a girl who be kidnapped by 1D... ^^,


21. Niall and I

I woke up in the middle of the night and I stayed in bed. It was quiet in the house and no one seemed to even want to bother me anymore. I took myself out of bed and walked over to the door. My stomach rumbled and I was hungry. I realized I had to sneak down to the kitchen to get something in mine stomach. Therefore, I drew silently away the desk and chair. I gently opened the door, but it was dark out there, everywhere. Cautiously, I left my room and crept down the stairs. I just heard snoring. It was therefore easy to get down to the kitchen and I got food. I ate residues since today's dinner and I drank water to quench my thirst. I looked towards the wall around the yard and began to wonder how I could get myself over it, to the other side. I sneak out on the yard and tried to collect my thoughts. It was a wonderful night and it was still a pleasant air. I went around the house and ended up in front of the pool. I saw how the water was still and around the water stood the sunbeds. Actually, I was impressed and I looked down at the ground, in the pool. On one side of the pool, it was deep, and on the other side was the founder. There was a large swimming pool and I felt the smell of chlorine and clean water. Gently, I let my one foot feel on the water and it was actually quite warm. I peeked over at the house, but there was no indication that a single person was awake. I made a decision and stripped myself naked. I sat down on the edge and slipped quietly into the water. How wonderful!


I must admit, it was wonderful. I swam on my back, looking up at a starry sky. I saw how the stars winked and shone upon me. I heard an owl far into the trees and I heard a dog barking in the distance. It felt like I was alone in the world and for the first time in a long time, I was calm.


"You shouldn't be here?" 
I was startled and swam to the edge. Niall stood in a distance from the pool and he looked anxiously at me. 
"Come in now, the others wont be happy if they see you." 
I smiled weakly and shook my head. 
"They're sleeping right now?" 
Niall sighed and came to the edge of the pool. 
"Please, darling, you can't just do as you please. Liam will do anything to you as for what you did."
I noticed that Niall blushed when he saw that I was naked. 
"Jump in!" I got out. Niall looked back toward the house and then at me again. 
"No, what if they wake up?" 
I giggled. 
"The we can be hiding us?" 
Niall gulped and seemed to hesitate. Eventually he began to undress his clothes and he slid into the water. I heard how he groaned and he dived under the water. When his head came up over the water surface, he looked at me again. 
"God, what a relief!" 
I giggled and nodded. 
"It's just wonderful to swim right now." 
He nodded and swam up to me. I saw how he actually liked being there with me. He stopped at the edge and laughed quietly. 
"So how long have you been swimming?"
I pondered. 
"Since I was five or six years old or so." 
He smiled and shook his head. 
"No, this evening?" 
I smiled and moved myself closer to him. 
"Maybe half an hour. I lay just here in the water and was looking at the stars."

Niall groaned when I finally was near him. He wasn't sure, but it was the part of him that attracted me. I made ​​sure he took me in his arms and I took my arms around his neck, so he kept me up on the surface. 
"It's nice to go swimming." I mumbled. Niall smiled and nodded a little weak. I saw how he looked at me and for some reason I let our lips meet. Niall groaned, but he didn't resist. Instead, he took his arms tighter around my body and pressed me against him. I took my legs around his waist and felt that he had boner. He pressed me up against the pool wall and seemed almost not getting enough of me. Our tongues started playing with each other and I felt how he got me to breathe heavier. Niall was about to penetrate when we heard voices from the house. Quickly he released me and I saw the panic in his eyes. 
"They're awake!"


Quickly we took ourselves out of the pool and picked up our clothes. Naked we ran across the yard and he pulled me into the garage. In there was a caravan. Niall opened the door and pulled me there. 
"Damn!" he whispered half aloud and almost seemed afraid. "They're going to get mad at me. All promised to tell Liam if we saw that you left the room."
I tried to collect myself and listened carefully if I heard anything. No one came into the garage and we noted that no one direct screamed.


After a while Niall pulled me in the back of the caravan and he picked up a towel for me. I dried myself and felt that I slowly regained the heat in the body. Niall sat next to me and smiled a little bit. 
"It was certainly fun?" 
I nodded and smiled a little bit. 
"But I'll hope the others don't notice that we're gone?" 
He giggled and right as it was he let his lips caress my cheek. I felt his arm around me and he pushed me against the mattress. Without a word, he landed on top of me and he pulled away the towel. I understood what he wanted to do and I spread my legs. Niall groaned out loud and he didn't get enough of me. I felt how he kissed me and he was intense from the start. He pressed himself down on me and he pulled his hands over my body. I moaned as he penetrated. I took my legs around his waist and pushed him towards me. I felt him slowly began to work with the body and he pushed his hard member into me. It was as if he had really dreamed of doing it again and he was almost as crazy. He let one hand land under my bum and he lifted me up hard against him. I felt how he increased the pace and he was moving faster all the time. 
"Is that okay?" he got out between the kisses and I nodded a little weak. I moaned and I actually liked having him on top of me. I felt Nialls body was sweaty and he held me tight.


Right as it was, he lifted me up in his arms. He stood up and held me steady under my butt, I felt he pushed me up against the caravan wall and he continued to rapidly thrust his dick right into me. I moaned louder and took my legs tighter around his waist. I felt my whole body followed him in his movements and I whimpered. Niall kissed me hard and he seemed to scream for more. I felt the whole caravan ended up in the movement and how it creaked in the wheels.


Eventually I came. I felt my whole body were shivering and I cried almost straight out. Niall smiled and he enjoyed what he had done to me. I pressed myself hard against him and shook so that he almost dropped me. When the orgasm petered out, he put me down on the floor. He made ​​me stand foreward, leaning against the wall and then penetrate himself from behind. I received him and tried to keep his pace. Niall held my waist tightly and forced me to move my body. My head pounded almost into the wall when he bumped into me. He moaned louder and I felt his body was sweating. He held me tighter around the waist and in the end he came. He slammed right into me one last time and shook off all the feelings that came over him. I heard how he filled me with cum and then he calmed down. His hands caressed my back and he breathed out. 
"You are so wonderful to do this together with." he whimpered out. I felt how he slipped out of me and I stood up. He took his arms around me and hugged me from behind. I felt his warm body against mine and I felt his breath against my neck.


When we had calmed ourselves down, we heard voices. We heard how the others jumped into the cars, the engines were started and they left the area.
"Where are they going to go in the middle of the night?" Niall got disconcerted from himself. I smiled at him and couldn't bother.

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