+16 ---> Yet another tale about kidnapping, violence, sex and other things ... I assume you are familiar about this, but I don't think younger readers should be reading this, because some things should be unwritten... *smiles* I will again write about a girl who be kidnapped by 1D... ^^,


27. My punishment

I knew what they had planned. We drove to the cottage and I realized that now they would see that it was they who got the power. I was shouldered in the house and I saw that everything was prepared. Liam and Louis had certainly been there and hung it all up at the ceiling and they had even acquired a new sex swing, that I would hang in. 
"You know the deal?" Liam mumbled and he locked the front door. I knew what he meant, but I chose to remain silent. Louis laughed a little bit and I realized he just loved their plan. 
"You're going to scream." he got out and looked at me. "I know this is something that you will never forget."
Liam pushed me towards the toilet and he made so that I couldn't resist. 
"Take a shower!" he mumbled cold. "And then came out to us." 
I had to obey him. I took off my clothes and showered. There was everything that I needed and when I was clean I turned off the water. I saw immediately that they had taken my clothes. Instead, it lay a towel on the bench and I chose to wipe my body.


When I came out from the bathroom I was greeted by two naked guys. They pulled me directly to the six swings and I understood that they would take me. I was hung up in it and I couldn't resist. Liam made ​​sure that I was stuck and I couldn't get free from there. 
"You should just obey us." he said with a firm voice. Then he looked at Louis and giggled lightly. "You or me?" 
Louis looked at me and he made me feel small. 
"We help each other?" 
Liam nodded and stood below me. He parted my legs and I saw how he stared down between my legs. He then looked at Louis. 
"Go and get a dildo for her ass."
I panicked and immediately I began to move my body. Liam saw my panic and he grinned big. 
"Come on girl. You'll like it." 
I saw how Louis took out a dildo and stretched it over to Liam. Direct took Liam lube on it and smiled at me. 
"It will penetrate you and you can't remove it." 
He took down his fingers and started massaging my rear hole. I felt how he let a finger penetrate and directly I shouted out straight. 
"Stop it, you're fucking crazy!" 
He grinned and I knew I couldn't resist. He looked down between my legs and I felt him slowly shoved the dildo into my hole. I screamed and I could feel the dildo penetrated.
"Neat!" Louis got out so fast it was completely inside me. Liam just laughed and he looked straight into my eyes. 
"That wasn't so bad, huh?" 
I didn't answer. It hurt, but not like I got panic. I moaned lightly and tried to realize that this wasn't my fault. I wasn't required to set me up to anything. I was just a property for them and they got the power.


Liam and Louis drank wine and let me still hang from the ceiling, alone. I heard them laughing and giggling. I got used to the dildo and finally I could relax. Louis showed up and he looked at me with a satisfied eyes. 
"You'll get what you need." he mumbled and stood between my legs. He made ​​sure I rocked back and forth. I realized that he wanted to show he could decide everything and I felt his boner nudged against me. Louis groaned and giggled lightly. 
"Liam!" he cried, and I knew it was Liam who decided everything. "Can I fuck her a little?" 
Liam showed up and laughed a little bit. 
"Would you? I thought we would torment her?" 
Louis looked disappointed but shine then up. He pointed to something and Liam fetched it for him. I saw a dildo and I understood that it was meant to be pushed into me. Louis grinned as he put on the vibrator. 
"No!" Liam directly burst. "Not vibrator! It may be good for her and it's better to just pushing it in."
Louis smiled and I saw how he was looking up my hole with the dildo. He let it quickly penetrate, but this time I kept a good face. I wanted not to show the pain and I didn't give them that pleasure. 
"Oh crap!" Liam mumbled and he appeared beside me. He then looked down between my legs and I realized he was staring at the two dildos that they had pressed into me.
"She's full!" Louis mumbled and seemed almost disappointed. Liam agreed, and he let his hand pressing them both more inside me. I groaned and he seemed satisfied. Louis looked like he was blown up and I noted that he wanted to fuck me.


After a while Liam come back, and he made ​​sure I rocked back and forth. 
"You're still a favorite girl." he mumbled cold. "The other girls were weak, but you seem more powerful." 
I balked. 
"What others?" 
Liam laughed a little bit. 
"You don't think that you're the only one?" 
I swallowed. 
"Who else?" 
He laughed a little bit and let his hand stroking my breasts. 
"The others died, but you seem to be okay."
I didn't know what to think, or tell him. 
"So you've had other girls?" 
I heard Louis voice from behind me. 
"Yes, we've had three other girls before you but they were so weak and finally they didn't dared to obey us. Therefore we made surely that they disappeared." 
I panicked. 
Liam giggled and he leaned over me. I felt his disgusting lips on my chest and he almost sucked on my nipples. 
"We've buried them." whispered Louis and seemed to love that I got scared. "We aren't stupid. We are smart."
Liam groaned and I felt his tongue licking my skin. His hand slid down between my legs and he pulled out the top dildo out of me. I groaned and heard how he dropped it to the floor. Then he started to fondle me. I bit my lip and did everything possible not to show that it was okay. 
"Maybe you should die one day." Louis went and stood between my legs. Liam took his hand away and let Louis penetrate. Louis took his hands tightly around my waist and rocked me back and forth. I felt how he worked with his dick and he moaned loudly. 
"You're so fucking nice to fuck and your hole is like a mine." 
Liam licked on my skin, and he laughed a little bit. He raised his head and let Louis continue rocking me. 
"She has got a wonderful hole." he mumbled. "Her pussy is all one needs."
I felt Louis increased the pace and he looked down at his own cock. 
"Damn she's so fucking gorgeous and wet inside!" 
Liam giggled and nodded with satisfaction. 
"You don't have to come now, Louis. We can work with her ​​all night if we want." 
I closed my eyes and tried not to feel anything. Still tingling in my body and I wanted to groan. I was quiet and I managed to hold it all back. Louis moaned louder and I felt how he increased his speed. I ran hard against him and I heard how our bodies bounced against each other. In my imagination, I wasn't even there. I was far away and tried to remember my happy moments in life instead.

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