+16 ---> Yet another tale about kidnapping, violence, sex and other things ... I assume you are familiar about this, but I don't think younger readers should be reading this, because some things should be unwritten... *smiles* I will again write about a girl who be kidnapped by 1D... ^^,


5. Morning

I almost lose my breath in the morning. Around the bed stood One Direction gathered and they all looked at me. I felt the whole belly shock and I just stared at them. 
"Hello?" I got out of me. 
"Hi!" answered they all at the same time and I saw that they smiled. I had to collect myself, then I realized that it was them who had kidnapped me. 
"Is this a joke?" 
Louis shook his head and laughed a little bit. 
"I chose you when I saw how you played soccer. You are special and the others thought the same thing."
Liam sat down on the edge of the bed and he looked at me with kind eyes. 
"We've been checking you out for a few weeks and we all believe that you are the right one." 
I swallowed. 
"And that means?" 
"That you're our girlfriend, our mistress, our everything. You are everyone's girlfriend!" 
I had to put me up in the bed. Even that thought had been a dream, once upon a time, I hesitated. 
"And that means?" 
Niall giggled lightly and seemed amused. 
"You ask a lot of questions?"
I agreed. 
"It's you who kidnapped me. I think you should answer the questions. I want to go home, although I love you. It's not right to ..." 
Zayn put a hand over my mouth and looked straight into my eyes. 
"The only thing we don't know is your name?" 
I swallowed and he took his hand away. 
"Hope, Hope Smith?" 
Zayn seemed satisfied. 
"The only thing you have to do is enjoy yourself."
I hadn't figured out what they wanted. I didn't understand what it was they demanded from me, and maybe I was ignorant. 
Louis laughed lightly. 
"Please, little darling. You've got us! Isn't that all right?" 
I didn't know what to say. 
"But I'm kidnapped?" 
Harry nodded and stood beside the bed. 
"We couldn't have gone home to you and gotten all other fans to see that we chose you? That had been wrong. We chose to do this so you don't have to worry about them."
Still, I had lots of questions. 
"My parents?" 
Liam ran his hand through my hair and did everything so that I would calm down. 
"They know it all ..." 
I swallowed. 
"And they said yes to this?" 
Niall nodded and he seemed almost too sure of his cause. 
"Yes, they know that you are here and they are happy for you."
I doubted it. 
"So you mean they just left me alone at home so you could..." 
Liam stood up and interrupted me. 
"Come on girl. You don't swell that we kidnap fans and keeps them trapped?" 
I understood that it was meant as a joke. 
"No, but ..." 
"So then it's like this!" Zayn responded quickly. "You are here, we are here. Lets do what we can for all to enjoy?"
Liam quickly pulled down the covers and ripped it from the bed. 
"Go and take a shower, you have shampoo and everything in there." 
I stood up on the floor and swallowed. 
"When will I meet my parents?" 
Niall stood near me and ran his hand through my hair. 
"When we want and when they want."
"And that means?" 
Liam laughed a little bit and opened the toilet door. 
"Go in with you and we pick up clean clothes for you." 
I was still unsure. 
"Just like that, without further?" 
Louis nodded with satisfaction. 
"You are in safe hands and we shouldn't destroy anything or mess up anything."

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