+16 ---> Yet another tale about kidnapping, violence, sex and other things ... I assume you are familiar about this, but I don't think younger readers should be reading this, because some things should be unwritten... *smiles* I will again write about a girl who be kidnapped by 1D... ^^,


1. Introduction

Here we go....



You could say that we all have different fates and it's not always turn out as you intended. One Direction have been in my life since they beat through the X-factor. I had the whole room papered with their pictures, but before the kidnapping, I had taken down some of them. I was soon seventeen years old and it wasn't easy to explain to friends about my passion.


Do you wonder how it started?


I was young, naive, and I had no idea how truly life looked like. I had happy thoughts in my head and I laughed at ordinary joke. I had friends, a wonderful family and leisure time, I was like everyone else. I played soccer in a girls' team. Okay, I wasn't perhaps the best player, but I was good at being fit, take the ball from the opponent and be there when things happened. My little team consisted of friends and we had fun. We didn't play to win, we played because we loved soccer. Maybe that's why we always managed to win many times. We played and when the opposing team swore, we laughed and talked about the weekend to come.


It all started when Louis Tomlinson happened to come and see us. I had no idea that he was in the stands, I had no idea that he was watching all the girls. Nor did I know that I was the one that attracted his attention. It wasn't until he came down to our dressing room and congratulated us, then I knew he was there. (in my imagination were none of the guys in the real world. I told myself that these guys are only was in my dreams and in the reality I just meet nuts!)


"You played really well!" he said and looked just at me. I blushed, I could feel my legs felt weak and I rambled something about something, I still this day don't remember what I told him.

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