+16 ---> Yet another tale about kidnapping, violence, sex and other things ... I assume you are familiar about this, but I don't think younger readers should be reading this, because some things should be unwritten... *smiles* I will again write about a girl who be kidnapped by 1D... ^^,


19. Harry and Louis

One morning I heard a large excavator drove into the yard. I heard it started to move in the house and everyone was awake. Right as it was Harry came into my room and he smiled big. I saw that he was in good spirits and he smiled at me when he saw that I was awake. 
"Today you will be locked up in here." he said happily. I sighed and didn't understand why he was in such a good mood. 
Harry came over to the bed and sat down next to me. 
"We will build a pool at the back of the yard. As long as the workers are here, you have to keep yourself away. We don't want the workers gossiping to the fans that we have a girlfriend."
I wasn't stupid. I realized that the guys didn't want it to came out that they had kidnapped me. I sighed and tried to show him that I didn't like it. 
"And what should I do here? I have a bed, a wardrobe and a chest of drawers?" 
Harry looked up and inspected my room. 
"Well, you don't have much stuff in here." 
I sat up. 
"If I have to go along with this, I want a TV, something to read and some stuff." 
Harry sighed lightly, but he understood that I would not be able to be locked in a room without things to do. 
"I'll talk to the others."


I was surprised. It took a few hours and right as it was they came with a lot of things. I got a desk, a TV, a laptop (which I couldn't go online with, but I was able to play different games and writing on it). I even got curtains, rugs and lamps. I just sat and stared at them. Actually, I got a nice room and I noticed that the guys had chosen pink colours. I laughed a little bit and couldn't help but wonder why. 
"You girls like pink!" exclaimed Niall directly and looked at me in surprise. 
"Well, I like other colours too." I mumbled, but didn't dare say anything negative. I was grateful that it was no longer a boring place. Now I had things to do and it looked nicer. 
"And we can get other stuff if you're missing something." Zayn got out and did so the mats ended up right. "We tried to think like a girl." 
I just laughed and walked around and looked at everything. 
"It's okay." 
Louis looked at me with mischievous eyes. 
"Just okay?" 
I smiled at him. 
"Okay, I's perfect."


I heard they were working on the yard. I heard lots of voices and suburb that the guys had hired many workers who would build the pool. I put myself often at the window and tried to peek out, but realized that I wouldn't be seen. I could scream, knock on the window and I could try to get someone to see me. Yet I realized that it wouldn't help. The excavators sounded so my head was pounding and the workers were in full swing to just simply work. None of them seemed interested in peeking in the windows, and none of them seemed curious at the house.


Harry came into the room and he immediately he saw that I was standing at the window. I saw at him that he thought I was trying to capture workers' attention. 
"It's cool!" I said and smiled at him. I knew there was no point in saying anything else. "I'm just looking out and I'm not trying to get them to see me." 
Harry was still tense and he seemed suspicious. 
"So you behave?" 
I nodded and walked over to the bed. I sat down and looked at him again. 
"What did you want?" 
Harry closed the door and came over to the bed. 
"Are you hungry?" 
I nodded and actually, I was hungry. 
He looked down at me and seemed to reflect. 
"I'm also here to see how it's between your legs? Are you still hurt?" 
I nodded. I lied. 
"Yes, it hurts." 
"Can I see?" 
I was startled and realized that I fell into a trap. 
"Are you serious? Are you going to stare me between my legs?" 
Harry smiled and nodded with satisfaction. 
"We want to know if you're okay."
He leaned over me and looked straight into my eyes. I swallowed and my thoughts spun around. 
"So I'll just spread my legs and you'll be staring?" 
He chuckled lightly. 
"Come on, sweetheart." 
I was confused and felt my body was shaking. Harry made ​​sure I ended up on my back in bed and he sat between my legs. 
"Pull down your panties!" 
I gulped and obeyed him. I pulled my panties off and spread my legs. Harry immediately began to look down between my legs and I saw at him that he liked what we did. 
"You look all right?" 
"It does still hurt down there!" I got out of me. He sighed and looked at my face again. I understood that he didn't trust me, but I wasn't ready to tell the truth. 
"I have hurt!" I got out of me. Harry smiled and he groaned lightly. Without a word, he buttoned his pants and pulled them down. I saw that he took out his boner and he laid directly on top of me. 
"I want to test you." 
I tried to resist and I tried to keep together my legs. Harry laughed a little bit and grabbed my wrists. He pushed my arms over my head and spread my legs with the help of his knees. I felt him slid down and I felt his hard member between us. 
"Come on!" he moaned loudly and began to kiss me. I felt his lips and I felt his tongue was playing with me. Harry didn't take no for an answer. He slowly began to rub his member between us and I felt how hard he was. He moaned and he was intense. Eventually he penetrated. (it didn't hurt) 
"No!" I got out of me and whimpered. "It hurts and ..." 
Harry got me quiet. He kissed me again and this time he was more decisive. He moaned and I felt him began to move the body. He moved faster in and out. I had to just follow along and let him do what he wanted.


After a while he sat up in bed and put my legs over his shoulders. He penetrate back and looked down at me with happy eyes. His body was working hard again and I felt how he bounced into me. His hand slid down and he began to caress me. He didn't released me with his eyes, and he kept me under surveillance. He made ​​me start to moan and I could feel my body tingled. 
"Damn, you like that?" he groaned and looked down between my legs. He looked down and seemed to like to see how his cock worked in me. His hands moved faster over my clit and I close my eyes. It was as if he wanted to convict me and he groaned higher. Harry was moving faster and I felt how he filled me with his member. He whimpered and he showed with the whole body that he loved sex. 
"Come on baby and let me fuck you hard." 
I opened my eyes. Harry grinned and released me. He forced me to stand up all fours in the bed and he landed behind my butt. He spread my buttocks and pushed himself once again in. Harry grabbed my waist and forced me to swing quickly back and forth. 
"Damn come on!" he almost shouted and I felt how hard he held me. He moaned and he made more sounds than he should. "Damn come on and move your body!"
He moved faster on the hip and I heard how our bodies bounced against each other. Harry no longer cared about me and he was completely in what he did. He did not hear the door opened and Louis entered. I heard Louis crept up to the bed and I realized that he looked at us. 
"Is it nice?" 
Harry was startled and stopped. He looked at Louis and was breathing rapidly. 
"What do you think?" 
Louis smiled and I knew how he pulled up my dress. Instead of getting away Harry, he pulled off my clothes and sat on the edge of the bed. 
"Keep going!" 
Harry laughing little bit and again began to work with his body against me. He moaned and he groaned again. Louis laughed a little bit and moved towards my head. He sat down in front of me and unbuttoned his pants. He sat down so that his member stood straight up against my face. 
"Honey, suck me!"
I wanted to puke. 
"Lou, I've never done it?" 
Louis giggled and he grabbed my head. He brought down my face and in the end I had to obey him. I closed my eyes and spread my lips so that his member penetrated my mouth. 
"Exactly like that, .." Louis groaned and forced my head to move up and down over his member. He held my hair hard and I felt how he repeatedly bumped into my mouth. Harry laughing and groaning at the same time. 
"Lou, isn't it nice?"


I managed to shut out the world. I stopped to feel and I stopped attending. It was like I came out of my body and no longer had any control over anything. Instead, I dreamed myself away and tried to remember the fun memories from my life.


As soon as Harry had come, he lay down under me, with his head under my most sensitive part. He made me sit on his face and he started to lick me. I whimpered and actually it felt throughout the body. His hands held me tightly over my ass and he forced me to be still. I felt his tongue moving over my clit and he made me shake. Louis moaned louder and finally he released my head. Instead, he began to let his hand quickly move over his dick and he aimed in on my face. I saw at him that he was close and he whimpered with his face. He came, he squirted it over my face and he shook with pleasure. It wasn't long before Harry managed to make me explode and I got an orgasm.


I showered and I felt small. I was disgusted by what we had done and I felt the whole I wanted to puke. I took the toothbrush and rubbed it against my teeth until I no longer felt my gums. It was as if I couldn't get clean again.

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