+16 ---> Yet another tale about kidnapping, violence, sex and other things ... I assume you are familiar about this, but I don't think younger readers should be reading this, because some things should be unwritten... *smiles* I will again write about a girl who be kidnapped by 1D... ^^,


2. Friday

I was on my way home. I had played soccer and I was tired in the whole body. I was pedalling with tired legs and I didn't notice the car that followed me. I didn't notice the five guys who stared at me, talked about me and who really were checking me out. It was with tired legs I put my bike outside my house and walked through the door. At that moment, the guys had your eye on my home, made ​​note how my day looked like and followed me to my training and to school. I had no idea that they knew exactly what I did and they liked what they saw.


"On this Friday dad and I will go at the party!" Mom said as soon as I got home. She came out into the hall and smiled at me. "But you certainly want to be at home and just take it easy?" 
I nodded and smiled at her. 
"It would be heavenly kingdom." 
She laughed and hugged me quickly. 
"Up and take a shower now!" 
I nodded and went straight to the bathroom. It was wonderful to be clean, feel the water wash away everything that smelled bad and I was always alert when I had showered.


I sat in my room and began to study for a test. I had no idea that five guys had figured out which room was mine. I had no idea that they were waiting outside the house, to see what happened. The only thing that was in my head was everyday problems: Should I do the exam and get good grades?


Friday came. 


I walked to school, I was in class and little did I know that my life would change. I had no idea that five guys knew about a party that my parents would go to. I had no idea that they knew I would be alone at home, or that they knew how they do to get into the house without my knowing it.


I came home, like so many other Fridays. I smiled at mom, who ran around to find the right clothes, the right shoes and get her hair to look okay. I chose to take it easy. I sat in the kitchen, reading a book. I heard my mom screaming at dad upstairs, that he would help her with the zipper, collar or anything else.


"How do I look?" she asked when she was done. I smiled and eyed her perfect attire. 
"Mom, you look great!" 
Dad came down to us and he smiled to me. He gave me some money and smiled like that as a dad always smiling at his daughter. 
"We'll be home late, but you could order a pizza?" 
I nodded and took the money. 
"Thank you!" 
Mom giggled lightly and then pulled him towards the hall. 
"She'll be all right, honey." 
I agreed. 
"Dad, I'm almost seventeen years old. I will still go to bed early."
I was daddy's little girl, so he was always uncertain. 
"And if anything happens, call the number that's on the fridge?" 
I laughed and followed them out into the hall. 
"Yes, or I'll call the police?" 
He nodded uncertainly. 
"And you call if you hear a window's broken or if ..." 
Mom interrupted him. 
"Nothing's going to happen!"


I wish I had said more to my parents. I wish I had told them how much I loved them. Perhaps it hadn't made any difference, but I wish I had hugged them. 
"Have a nice evening at the party!" I said and opened the door for them. I saw them go down to the taxi and I saw them go away. It was the last time I saw my parents. I hope they know how much I loved them.

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