+16 ---> Yet another tale about kidnapping, violence, sex and other things ... I assume you are familiar about this, but I don't think younger readers should be reading this, because some things should be unwritten... *smiles* I will again write about a girl who be kidnapped by 1D... ^^,


12. Being a coward

I chose to trust Louis. I don't know why, but I felt more for him than for the others. 
"How long will I be here?" I asked him. Louis smiled and took his arms around me. He hugged me lightly and looked into my eyes. 
"I thought you liked it in our house?" 
I sighed and gave him a cold stare. 
"Would you enjoy living as a lonely guy in a house with five girls?" 
He seemed to like the idea. 
"Yes, actually. I would!" 
I sighed and tried to take me away from him, but Louis kept me hooked. 
"Seriously, darling, I would have enjoyed staying in your seat."
What was wrong with them? I gave up and realized that he wouldn't understand or let me go home. 
"You mean that I should be satisfied with this?" 
Louis nodded and calmed me down. He looked into my eyes and raised his eyebrows. 
"You know what?" he whispered tenderly. "I think you need to get out of here, but so far we don't rely on you or trust you. You will run away if I give you that freedom." 
Yes, he was right. I saw at him that he was serious. 
"But the yard? I'm inside all day and you can go wherever you want?" 
He nodded and sighed lightly. 
"I'll talk to the guys. Maybe you can get to go out tomorrow, but you can't escape." 
I knew it already. 
"Yes, you said that?"


I had the opportunity the same day. I got to get out in the yard and directly I enjoyed. The sun was shining and I saw how that the spring really had arrived. It was nice weather and I chose to take my shoes off. I wanted to enjoy that moment. I walked barefoot around the house and noticed that the guys stood in the window and followed me. Therefore I handled myself. I tried to look as if I loved being on the yard, but my gaze was looking for holes in the wall. Maybe there was a tree to climb over and thus get over the high wall? 


Niall came out to me, he seemed unsure. I saw how he almost was ashamed to intrude on me, but he smiled faintly. 
"Nice weather?" 
I nodded and looked at him. I noticed that all the guys were away from the window. Maybe that Niall was my so-called guard? 
"Yes, the sun is shining." I replied silly. He came up to me and nodded. He looked around at the yard and smiled a little bit. 
"We are thinking about getting a pool in the back." 
I understood that he just wanted to chat. 
"It sounds like a good idea?" 
Niall nodded and blushed slightly. 
"Then you can swim."
I nodded and had no idea what I would say. I saw at him that he wanted to talk to me, yet he blushed all the time. 
"You're a virgin?" slipped it out of me. Niall was startled and just stared at me. He swallowed and I saw that it was a sensitive subject. 
I smiled weakly and looked at him with kind eyes. 
"Why did you agree to kidnap me,  you don't even want to use me?" 
Niall blushed and looked down at the ground. 
"You are my only way to maybe possibly ..." He paused and looked away from me. "Let's just say that the others thinks I should dare with you. I'm quite a coward!" 
I saw that he didn't like the subject. Yet, I also realized he was the only one I could convince to let me go home. 
"So I'm like a guinea pig?" 
Niall laughed and shook directly on the head. 
"No, you are you. Liam said I will get to know you so much that I dare to go all the way with you." 
I didn't like his words, but chose to swallow my pride. 
"Do you dare?" 
Niall looked at me quickly and directly shook his head. I liked the thought of seducing him and took a few steps toward him. 
"You can touch me." 
Niall blushed just more and he avoided even looking at me. I took his hand and guided it to one of my breasts. I let him feel at my breasts and directly he was startled. 
"But ..." he didn't remove his hand and instead he looked at me. "Soft?" 
I laughed a little bit and nodded. 
"Girls are soft."
I pulled down the axis travels of the dress and brought his hand under my bra. Niall groaned and just stared at me. I felt he was shaking all over and finally he jerked back his hand. 
"That's enough!" 
I saw that he had boner and smiled a little bit. 
"Niall, you may do what you want." 
He shook directly on his head. Then he turned around and ran almost all the way into the house.


"What did you do with Niall?" Liam got out and looked at me suspiciously. 
"Nothing special!" I replied with satisfaction and went past him into the house. Liam didn't give up and grabbed my arm, hard. 
"Come on girl and talk about ..." 
I spun around and looked at him coldly. 
"If you tell me what you all takling about, when you discusses about me?" 
He stopped and let go of my arm. I chose to leave him in the hall and went straight into my room. There wasn't much to do there, but the bed felt more like a safe place against the rest of the house.

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