Small World


1. ch1

Is it cold dark clear night the stars are shining, streets so quiet you could here a pin drop. I don't know where am, or where I'm headed, all I know is that i need to get there soon and fast. I know they are searching for me but I don't care...they lied to me my whole life and I know I can't go back...

I thought here was a good place to stop, it Was a quiet small-town not sure where but seemed like everybody was asleep home in their warm beds I walked into a 24-hour diner and sat down On a stool. A nice waitresses walked up to me "hey sweetie what can I get for ya?" She asked. I shot my head up and realized… "Eleanor!" "OMG is that really you, Paige"she replied "it's me i haven't seen you in forever " "I can't believe it! Haha, we need I catch up but you want something first?" "Can I get a cup of tea please?" "Sure can darling one moment" we were the only two in the diner. She was making the tea, we just chatted for a little while "so what are you doing in the middle of the night by yourself?" "Not exactly sure but I'll tell you when I get there" I said and she could her the sadness in my voice even though I tried to hide it. "oh well your welcome to stay with me anytime" she gave me a small smile" "thanks that means a lot" I smiled back. "No problem, anything for you" she smiled. After awhile talking I realized I had to take off. I hugged her, thanked her again and paid her the money for the tea and we exchanged numbers. I than left. Haha small world never thought I would see her again. You see Eleanor and I go way back. we were practically sisters until I moved away and we lost contact. I was walking for alittle while longer when I realized...What am I doing. I don't know where to go.i was Walking down the street and found this cute little hoteI. Stayed there for the night. I got to clean myself up, did my hair up in a ponytail and I left. I checked my phone 84 voicemails 92 missed calls and 63 text messages... But I don't care they lied to me my whole life, I deleted it all and just keep walking. I got a text message from El.

From: El x)

Hey girl wanna come to a party at my place tonight you can come over early to get ready together? I mean if you want. It'll be fun.

To: El x)

That sounds awesome. I'd love to.

From: El x)

Yay! Be at my house by 5 and don't worry about bringing anything I have everything planned, haha. I live on 45 chestnut street.

To: El x)

Kk see you there! :)

I went to the park and sat by the lake. Watching the sky and then I reached into my purse and grabbed my book and headphones. I put my headphones in and decided to listen to 3000 miles by emblem 3. I open my book and began to read. Before I knew it was half an hour past four o'clock. I then gathered my things and went on the GPS iPhone to figure out how to get to Chestnut Street when I arrived it was 4:50. I had to Knock the door. Then I Heard footsteps on the other side and click of the door which opened. Eleanor appeared on the other side "hey glad you could make it "she said "hey glad to be here sorry I know im alittle early". "it's fine better early than late". Eleanor then led me into the house. By looks of it she has a very lovely house. There is party stuff all set up , alcohol, chips, snacks, pizza and music is placed around the house. "Come on let's go upstairs" Eleanor said. I nodded my head and walked up the stairs with Eleanor. I walk into her room she had clothes all over makeup and hair stuff all out for us to use. She then handed me a a blue above knee length dress with black heels and told me to try it on. "what's this" I asked. "I thought maybe you'd like them and you can Put them on for the party." "Oh ok thanks" I said. "Anything for a friend" Eleanor and I have been friends forever. She's so nice and after talking for hours in the coffee shop it really felt like the old times. I put on the dress and walked into the room. Eleanor then said "OMG you look so pretty!" She was wearing a red dress "thanks so do you" she smiled and said thanks. I helped her finish up and we had sometime to talk and to talk about are lives after I moved away. She had told me there's a boy that she knows that moved here after I left and for some reason he reminded her so much of me. he will be here tonight and she also said that her boyfriend will be here tonight and she thinks he would love to meet me. Then more and more guests started to arrive and Eleanor introduced me to everyone and soon enough it was packed all over the house inside and out the music was loud and I walked into the backyard. El came up to me and grabbed my arm and pulled me to the other side by the pool. "Paige this is Louis, Louis this is Paige, Paige used to live here when she was younger she was one of my closest friends until she moved away, Paige Louis is my boyfriend." We shook hands and he smiled. "nice to meet you Nicole" "you too Louis" I smiled back. Eleanor politely asked Louis to go grab some drinks. He walked off and while Eleanor and I started talking when a blond boy came up to us. OMG his eyes were so blue. Haha so I have a weakness for blue eyed boys, judge me all you want. "Hey Eleanor" he said and turned to me. "And who is this lovely lady." He asked. I blushed. Before I could say anything Eleanor answered "this is Paige a friend of mine, Paige this is Niall, Louis band mate" I shook his hand "nice to meet you Niall" I smiled. He smiled back and said "you too" After awhile of partying Eleanor dragged me to the side and said "this is the boy I said reminds me so much of you haha" she motioned for a brunette, mid-length haired boy to come over. He had brown eyes. "Paige this is Liam, Liam this is Paige."...

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