A girl named Scarlett Hill who at first hated the idea of moving into a new town but she finds herself liking the idea right after the moving finished when she meets a boy who normally does not get that much attention.


5. Skyler Jones

Hiee Skyler Jones here also known as the awesome amazing Sky Sky. I'm 17 I look pretty young for my age though I'm also really short just like 2 inches taller then my best friend Scarlett my favorite color is blue and I love my best friends they are meh world I'm trying to be the happiest mood I can be because I'm losing my best friend Scarlett she's moving away tomorrow and its making me kind of depressed and I don't like being depressed. I'm going miss her so much we have been friends since the second grade she's like my little sister.

My Likes: Blue, my best friends, and rainbow things

My dislikes: fakes, losing someone, and bully's

Well Bieeee ^w^

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