A girl named Scarlett Hill who at first hated the idea of moving into a new town but she finds herself liking the idea right after the moving finished when she meets a boy who normally does not get that much attention.


1. Scarlett Hills


    Hi my name is Scarlett I just turned sixteen and I'm not happy my dad is dragging my whole family to this town named Greenson and I have to leave my best friends. Well anyways I'm short for my age I'm 5'4 my favorite color is dark red I have two younger brothers the oldest of the youngest is Alec and the youngest of the youngest his name is Devon they are annoying but I love them

My Favorites: My chemical romance, my kitty Totoro ( yes i named him Totoro), My phone, and my best friends.


My Dislikes: Bitches, slut, fakes, jocks, and bully's and at the moment moving away


Best Friends: Skyler Jones, Kevin Walker, Jenna smith, and Ben Colerson    

Well anyway got to go I think I hear my dad calling me Bieeeeeee 



 ( hey I'm not sure how to upload images so in the next few character things there will be no pic so sorry and imagine them how you want them to look like for now and can someone please tell me in the comments how to upload a photo on the chapters that would be great thank you) 

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