A girl named Scarlett Hill who at first hated the idea of moving into a new town but she finds herself liking the idea right after the moving finished when she meets a boy who normally does not get that much attention.


15. Chapter 6. Yaaaayyyy bestfriends

  Scarletts P.O.V

 I opened my eyes and right then and there I remembered what had happen last night and a big smile appered on my face I sat up and looked at Conner's adorable sleeping face so cute! I got out of bed carefully so I wouldn't wake him up I looked at my phone it was 6:30 Why do I always have to wake up so early might as well stay up I went to my closet picked out an outfit which was some black cut off shorts and a my chemical romance t-shirt and went in to my bathroom and took a shower and put my outfit on and did my hair and make up all dat good stuff after that I walked out of my bathroom and I relised Conner was still asleep I crept over to my bed and shook him that didn't work all he did is grumble something about Pikachu I finally got an idea I leaned over and pressed my lips against his and laided my hand on his cheek and a few moments he started kissing back I pulled back and said Good morning Mr.Adorable he said "Hi Cutie" in an oh so sexy morning voice then I said "You have to get up and get ready for school" then he whined "I don't wanna go to school" in a child like voice and then there was a knock at the door and my brother Alec came walking in he got wide eyed when he saw conner was in my bed then he asked "Sis why is there a boy in your bed" with "He's a friend Alec now get out" I replied "Well mom sent me up here to get you theres someone people in the living room she thinks you will be happy to see" he said with a smile I asks who all he said was come and see so I ran down stairs and I saw Skyler, Ben, Kevin, And Jenna I screamed "Ermagerd I thought you will be here in three months not the next day" Skyler then screamed "Surprise" I jumped on skyler and then ben jumped on both of us and jenna and kevin waited patiently like the muture people they were then Conner came down stairs Skyler saw and said who's the guy in the boxers and my parents were like yea Scarlett who the hell is the guy in the boxers I jumped up right then in there and said "Family Bestfriend's dis here is my umm are we boyfriend and girlfriend" I asked in the middle of my intro of him to my parents "Yea I guess" "ok dis right here is my boyfriend Conner" Skyler then popped up and walked over to Conner and said "True intentions now" "well I love her" was all Conner can say out "do you really" Skyler had squinted her eyes by now I finally said with a giggled enough sky I stop it I love him "kay" was all Skyler said as she plopped back down on the couch then I said "well I need to drive Conner to his house for him to get ready and then we need to go to school so I will see all you amazing peoples after school" then my mom said suddenly "Oh yea Scarlett is there a reason why it has been only 2 days into this new school and the school has already called for your absents of 1 day and a half" "Oh um about that funny story that's also a long story that I don't really have time to tell but I promise it won't happen again love ya baii" well I said walking out the door. We walked out to my car and Conner said "nice friends you got there" I laughed and said "yea they might be a little crazy but they are awesome when you get to know them" we got in to the car and Conner gave me the directions to his house and we went off.



Hello readers I'm sorry i haven't posted anything in a while i have a lot of school stuff going on well thanks for reading :3

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