A girl named Scarlett Hill who at first hated the idea of moving into a new town but she finds herself liking the idea right after the moving finished when she meets a boy who normally does not get that much attention.


14. Chapter 5 The skatepark! and the mall!!

(Scarlett's P.O.V)

 I woke up did same old thing to get ready for school I went down stairs to the kitchen got an apple I totally ignored my family didn't mean to it just happens at times so I left because it was 7:38 and I didn't want to be late.

(Time skip to school)

I was walking to my locker when my phone vibrated I pulled it out it was a text from Skyler yayy!! she said (hey girlie hows everything :D) so I texted back

(Texting convo)

Scarlett(Haii and yes everything is fine good school accept for the jocks of course but yup everything is good ^w^)

Skyler(Good I miss you everyone is like acting dead right know)

Scarlett(Aww I miss guys too)

Skyler(Buuuut guess what)


Skyler(Kevin's parents gave him 14 thousand dollars to move to Greenson sooo that means we are moving there in about 3 months)

Scarlett(Omfg yaaaaayyyy!!! I can't wait)

Skyler(yup Girlie I have to go love ya bie)

Scarlett(Baii SkySky)

(End of texting convo)

I put my phone back in my pocket and I saw Conner putting away his stuff from the corner of my eye I looked and decided hey why not ditch I know its the second day but come on it looks like Conner needs it so I walked up to him and said "Hiee Conner" He looked at me and smiled and said "Hey Scar" I loved the nickname he gave me and I can't believe no one has ever called me that before "Soooo I was thinking lets ditch together and go to the mall or the skate park if this place has one please" I said sounding excited "But its your second day" he replied chuckling at my exciting-ness "Who cares now come on" I said well I grabbed his hand and held it and began walking him to my car. We got to my car he got into the passenger I got into the driver seat and asked for direction to the mall from him. We reached the mall and got out of the car and went in we went to Hot topic of course when we were in there he asked me about my life before I moved here and I replied "Well I didn't really hang with anyone but my group they were the only ones I trusted they are actually planning on moving here in two months" he looked a little happy and he then asked "Do you think they will like me" "Yes I know they will like you" I replied then he said "Coo Coo" I chuckled he is so adorable. We left Hottopic I bought a skull dress and a t-shirt and some ripped under tights he bought alot of band merch We then left the mall haha we only went to Hot topic well that is my favorite store. After the mall we went to the skate park we sat down on the bench I asked him "Do I even have your phone number yet?" "Uh no you don't" he replied I pulled out my phone he pulled out his and we exchanged numbers my contact name for him is (Conney:P) and his contact for me is (Scar^w^) after that we talked and talked and then it was 4 pm and I asked him if he wanted to come over he said yes sooo

(Time skip) 

(Conner P.O.V)

I was in her room I really like her but I have one question Why is she so nice to me no body is ever nice to me not even my parents they are drunk 24-7 and gone all the time and every one at school bullys me accept for her we also have a lot in common shes really cute we are watching an anime. One of my favorites actually soul eater shes really into the episode shes laying on her stomach head propted on her palms I was laying the same way as her I was staring at the tv while just once in a while I would" glance at her she is so adorable she caught me looking at her and giggled then she said  "What cutie?" I responded with "Nothin just do you know your adorable?" she replied with "Well I have been told" "Yea" I said "Yup so what do you want to do after this soul eater episode?" she said "I don't know" I said shrugging my shoulders she then said "How about you spend the night we can like watch movies and play games" she said excitingly I giggled she's so adorable "Uh sure that would be ok" I said still kind of giggling "Yayy! sleep over!" she said as she jumped on her bed next to me sitting close she stopped giggling and we began to talk about random stuff like what her cat Totoro look like if he was mixed with Pikachu then she said "Lets get pjs on you kind sir can sleep in your boxers k" "k" was all I said and started taking off my red skinny's I had meh black boxers on she came out in minecraft pj's she put in a scary movie and sat down next to me and got under the covers and said come on and lifted the covers slightly saying get under the covers so I did half way threw the movie she had her face in my chest hugging me at a moment she caught me staring again and giggled "What I'm being adorable again" "Yup" I replied she was still staring and then she said "Conner I really like you like like like you" "I like like you too Scar" she started leaning in I did to I pressed my lips against hers she kissed back I pulled back and looked into her eyes I saw passion with that adorable gleam in them then she said "Conner I know we just met but I love you" I replied with "I love you too Scar"



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