A girl named Scarlett Hill who at first hated the idea of moving into a new town but she finds herself liking the idea right after the moving finished when she meets a boy who normally does not get that much attention.


11. chapter 3 moving away

(Scarletts pov)

 I woke up got dressed in something not to fancy today was the day I move and I'm so sad I have to leave my best friends. I got a cage that I bought just recently for Totoro and now to find my Totoro I thought. I went down stairs no where to be found went in to my brother rooms not in there I checked my parents room he wasn't in there so I went back in to my room right when I was in there I heard purring I followed the sound in to my bathroom opened the shower curtain and there he was in my bathtub I have such a weird cat I picked him up and set him in the cage. I went downstairs and the doorbell rung so I opened the door there was every one SkySky, Ben, Jenna, and Kevin seeing them my eyes started to water I hugged them all and then Kevin got that idea face I looked at him he then said I have a idea we all said what he said well Sky, Jenna, Ben, and my self can raise up money to buy an apartment in green whatever so we can be with Scarlett" "one problem" Sky said "how will you get all of our parents to say yes" he replied "duh I'm 18 I'm considered a adult and we can say to your parents there is going to be an adult" Ben said "Well my parents would say yes I know that" then sky said "Ben you never get said no to" he replied "Yea because I'm adorable" I giggled at my friends they can always make me smile by doing the simplest things "Guys you really think Kevin's that you will really be able to move to where I'm moving" they all said yes all together I giggled and right after that I heard my dad saying it was time to go. We all went out side I gave my friends giant hugs and got into the car and I thought 'well I hope they really do move where I'm going' and then I fell asleep.


(Sorry for such a short chapter I wrote it in school)

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