A girl named Scarlett Hill who at first hated the idea of moving into a new town but she finds herself liking the idea right after the moving finished when she meets a boy who normally does not get that much attention.


9. chapter 2 (Part two of best friends last day out)

(Kevin's P.O.V)

 Jenna, Ben, and myself have been waiting for about 10 min and Ben is freaking out of boredness like he has been waiting 5 hours right now he is literally sitting upside down and backwards on a mall bench outside screaming "bewitched" by "Blood on the dance floor" terribly and now I actually think he's scaring people but I'm probably going to leave him alone and let those people be scared and Jenna on the other hand is completely mesmerized by the game candy crush on her phone Sooo I mite as well call sky see what's taking so long

(phone convo)

K: hey sky whats taking so long

S::We kinda saw star bucks and then suddenly we want coffee

K: So you got brain washed by star bucks

S: well...ya

K: wow so when ya gonna get here

S: like in 5 to 6 minutes

K: k

S: Wait can I ask you a question

K: sure

S: is Ben dieing of boredness yet

K: yes he actually quite the amusement right now

S: what he doing?

K: sitting up side down screaming bewitched

S: oh my god wow

K: i know well ill see ya when you get here

S: k bye

K: bye

(end of phone convo)

(Scarlett pov)

We finally arrived to the mall and when Ben saw he came running and tackled me and sky in a group hug screaming " oh thank god I thought I was going to die " "Ben you were not going to die you have not been waiting for a week" sky said Ben replied back in kind of a whisper " But it felt like it sky" "Stop being over dramatic Benny" "But I almost" before he can finish his sentence I covered my hand over his mouth and began to drag him over to where Kevin and Jenna were sitting. When I reached them Kevin said "shall we go in" Sky replied "yes yes we shall"

(Magical time skip to hot topic)

( Scarlett's pov)

As I was looking threw clothes I looked over at Ben flirting  a lot with the dude at the cash register he's giving off sign that say I want you now and the dude is clueless maybe he is not gay? or he is just not seeing the signs. As Ben just gave up and went to pout to Sky me being a good friend went up to the dude and just plainly asked "Are you gay" he replied "yup" " you do know my best friend Ben the one with the blonde hair was flirting with you" "omg I didn't even see" " ya I suggest you go and ask him out" "ima go that" I'm such a good friend. So at the end of the time Hot topic I bought a black Pikachu shirt a black pair of skinny jeans and a belt and a dress that's about right above my knee And Ben left with a 5 band-t's and a date with the cash register dude who I found out his name is josh and we headed to 5 more stores and then went to see a movie at.
 At the end of the day I got really depressed I have to leave my best friends tomorrow but of course I will see them again but not every day.



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