A girl named Scarlett Hill who at first hated the idea of moving into a new town but she finds herself liking the idea right after the moving finished when she meets a boy who normally does not get that much attention.


4. chapter 1 best friends last night out



 I woke up at to the sound of the song blood by my chemical romance playing on my ipod alarm oh how much I love that song. I sat up and bed and stretched my arms out turned off my alarm and i got out of bed and grabbed my phone off the end table "oh I got new text from Skyler" I said to my self I looked at the text it said Skyler: Hey Girly I know your asleep but when you get this text me" so of course I texted her back

phone convo:

Scarlett: Hey Sky Sky just woke up what ya want girl

Skyler:Finally ya woke up well Kevin and  wanted to know if you wanted to have a best friends only night since your moving in two days

Scarlett : Hell yea I need to spend as much time as I can with you guys

Skyler: Kk I'm going to pick you up in an hour k

Scarlett: okay :P

Skyler:Well I will pick you up in an hour love ya girl

Scarlett: Kk love ya too Sky Sky

               End of phone convo.

 I don't even know what to wear hmmm lets see what is in my closet I walked over to my closet and started my search for a awesome outfit for an awesome day out with my bff's. After searching threw the wonderland of my closet I found a outfit that very much pleased me. I went into my bathroom that was connected to my room and got started on my make up I didn't put to much on just a little eyeliner and mascara. I brushed my teeth combed and teased my hair and then I was ready for the day I walked down stairs and i saw my brothers messing with my kitty Totoro awww I need to save my ToTo I grabbed my kitty and told my brothers "don't mess with him or he will transform into a scary human eating half cat thing and eat your eyes when your asleep" and of course they freaked out and ran away scared ok don't judge me I love them but when you have little brothers you have to mess around a little bit especially when they are bothering your kitty. After that I kissed Totoro on the head and set him down on the couch when I walked into the kitchen the scene was my dad reading the news paper with a bunch of packed kitchen stuff around him and my mom trying to cook which she was a terrible cook but we of course pretended to like it because it hurt her feelings every time we brought it up so I decided to skip breakfast. I heard a honk yay!! Sky Sky's here so I yelled out to my parents " I'm going out with my friends see ya bye" my mom yelled back " make sure come home by 7 so you can finish packing" I yelled a quick "kk" back and ran out the front door and jumped into sky's car I asked " where are we going " She answered " Going meet every one at the mall " " kay " was all I said back as we continued to drive to the mall.

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