Jacks's First Love

This story follows the life if a 15 year old boy named Jack. and Jack is gay!


I will try to post a new chapter every Firday! so stay and watch the story unfold! By tth way this is my first book and sorry about the spellings I am dyslectic :/


2. Chapter Two: Besties

For the rest of Hunter's lesson I had the easer if listening to the desperate sounds of Cassandra Gray atemting to flurt with the new Irish angle, Matthew. The hourly bell rang and everyone in the class rose up and then moved to there social groups before they were told to leave the jail cell that is Mr Hunter's dusty class room. As I left I herd someone cough the word fag to try to get my attention but I didn't give them the satisfaction of seeing me being affected by his words. Instead I kept my head down and went to my years command room.

The comman room was a place were students did there homework and finished doing course work. So as acpected there was only two people here besides from me. There was gretchen the girl who no-one speaks to and some random boy who I do t know the name of. The room was lighted by the windows at the far back of the room and the two long white lights that was place so the room had enough light coverage in the day time. The floor was gray with the sparkly things in that I never knew what the really were.

I sat down in my normal sat with my back facing the two windows. When I sat down a felt something wet fall from my cheak. It was a tear. I was crying, well I guess those boys got what they wanted they hurt me. Not physically but mentally. I start to full on cry with loads of voices in my head say "Jack the fag" and "Gay puff".

My deep depressing episode was festered by a light tapping on my shoulder. It was a small purky girl with firey red hair. She was smiling at me with a smile spreading from cheak to cheak and on every tooth I saw a brace connected to another.  "Hey, is anyone sitting there?" She said her speach matching the way she looked purky and a little bit geeky. I looked around the comman room was still almost empty, why did she want to sit here? "No, you can sit there if you want" I was to replay to her even though she has already taken the seat right next to be. I watch her as she takes out a book from her bag with had the title, Harry Potter And the Deathly Hallows "I've read this one 100 times now but I still cry when Snape dies.  However no ship can beat the mother of all ships..."she said but before she could finish I say "...Jily!" The girl looked at me with the same wide grin as before. Then the questioning begain.

"Jily or snily?" she said
"Jilly' I said
"Correct, Favourite Disney princess?" she said
"Repunzell" I said
"Correct, Favourite doctor?" she said
"David Tennant" I said  
"Correct! Name?" She said
"Jack" I said
"Cool my names Fabbian nice to meet you Jack." And in that moment I had made a freind, maybe even a best freind.

She was my missing puzzle piece.


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