Jacks's First Love

This story follows the life if a 15 year old boy named Jack. and Jack is gay!


I will try to post a new chapter every Firday! so stay and watch the story unfold! By tth way this is my first book and sorry about the spellings I am dyslectic :/


3. Chapter Three: The Home Funeral

Me and Fabbian really hit it of it was like we were twins or something. We loved all the same books, films and TV programs. It has been like a week since i met Fabbian and my life was bright and was full with pure happiness. And For once i am sad that this is the last week until summer brake . I put on my black and blue stripped tie and my school uniform and crept down stairs trying not to walk up my dad.

My Dad has been isolated in his room ever since my mum died and only came out on special occasions and Dinner times. Mum died off breast canser in her right one, and dad has never been the same. i remember her funeral and i bet he does to...


~Jack's Dad's POV~

The air had the the distinct aroma of rose petals and disturbed earth. I Watch as my wife was carryed by men in black siuts and op hats down the ailsle and flashes back and forward appered in to my mine. From reality to our wedding name back and forth. i saw the vision of beutie and then the visoin of pure horror and despiar that was the lifeless corpes of my wife. 

They placed her onto the the podium so everyone cou;d admire he buetie but what was butifull about a dead body of the woman i onced loved. But now she was gone and my heart has been split into two and they only glue what could bring those peicese together is her and only her.

But she is gone, forever.

The priest begain the surve with these words "Let us commend Eleanor to the mercy of God," The priest went on but i didn't listen i know who my own wife is so i zoned out for a moment The priest then says a few prayers of entrusting and commending. Then i hear my name being called by the priest, i think it was time for my eulogy. I got out of my seat and bugged past my mother and my son both had tears in there eyes but i did not. Thyen i walked slowly down the ailse and up on the pondem beside my dead wife. i had never done a eulogy before but here i go.

"I have never done a eulogy before but here i go. It’s strange that a woman so good at giving love, worried for years whether people really appreciated her and liked her, but she did. Whether from rejections long in the past or imagined slights in the present, Mom somehow managed not to notice how well loved she was by the people around her. This worry was partially answered in Mom’s first ten years in Agassiz: she was never happier and more fulfilled than here in Agassiz. However, that insecurity was finally, completely put to rest in the last year of her life, when all the love that Mom gave out during her lifetime came back to her in a tremendous show of support and help. This outpouring made it obvious just how truly and sincerely people loved her. While it isn’t right for someone to die as young as Mom, I’ll say that it was at least appropriate that such an amazing love-giver ended her life surrounded by so many people who loved her. Mom kept a journal this year that she allowed her family to read after she died, and the most often repeated theme is how loved she feels, and how much she loves those around her. About a week before her death, I asked Mom what was the best thing she had learned from her last year. She said that she learned how much people loved her, but, more than anything else, she was overwhelmed by the depth and tenderness of Dad’s love for her. Dad’s love for Mom has been amazing and humbling to see, and I don’t think any feeling human being could watch Dad’s devotion to mom in these last few months without being truly touched.

Cancer is cruel, and it is only in a hurting, broken world that a woman as young as Mom should already be called home to heaven. On a day like this, the question why is impossible to answer, and honestly, even if we DID have a complete, perfect answer to the question “Why?”, it would only satisfy our minds, and it still would not quiet the ache in our hearts. Asking “Why?” can’t change anything; it only makes us focus on our own pain. Instead, I propose a different question, one that I think Mom would prefer us to ask: “how, even in this, was God’s name glorified?” This question will not end the ache in our hearts either, but at least it turns our eyes to God, instead of focusing on our own pain. Here is an incomplete list of the ways J’s life, and especially its end, brought glory to God."

i looked around and every single man, woman and child was crying and i single tear roled down my check and i made my way back to my seat.

The coffin with her inside was now being carried out of the church to the spot me and Jack picked out for her. on the top of the hill where every sunset and sin rises was visible. she will love it...she would have loved it. When we got to the top of the hill the priest said some words as they were lowering my other half's body into the soil of this earth. the priest spoke with a charming tone and a almost apologetic way  "We therefore commit (his or her) body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in the sure and certain hope of the Resurrection to eternal life." as he finishes he nods at me and jack. Jack walks up first and places on top of the coffin a letter which was sealed with wax, my curiosity grew as the letter fell on to the coffin like a leaf would fall from its tree in the early orange mornings of a autumn day. I stepped forwarded embracing my son with a hug. we both grapped a hand full of earth and release it on to the night black coffin with held my loving compassionate wife's body. And the words echo around my head. 

Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.


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So there wasnt much twistes in this one but it still gives some backround to Jack's dad. Please vote and comment on this i love hearing your veiws on my book. :D 

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